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Banning of pain medication?

The Obama administration is considering banning major pain medications. Those of us who are sick and or live with chronic pain are already paying the price for this hysteria. When the war on drugs goes as far to condemn those sick with cancer or AIDS to suffer physically on top of facing death it becomes clear that we are a mentally disturbed nation.

I am sick with a disease which gives me chronic pain. I hear that the government is going to ban pain pills. Requesting help for pain even with people like me with serious diseases like cancer is becoming already more and more futile. I've met people with AIDs who won't even bother going to the hospital when they are in pain and miserable. I have even asked for non-narcotic pain medications and still have been treated like a potential addict.

started when the DEA began to shift their focus away from the serious street drug problem and find a new campaign that was far easier to deal with and made them look better on paper.
"The DEA's War on Pain Doctors" from The Village Voice

I live in so much pain I can only sleep a few hours at most. I've hurt so bad that death seems like the only thing to look forward to and suicide seems like a respite. If I have to suffer like this I need to learn something from it to make things seem worth it. All I've learned is that we have a public that is addicted to a media which has the power to incite witch hunts at will. Our wars, our surveillance society, the torture of war criminals are sold through the same fear mongering. Corporate media manipulates angry, scared people who don't or won't understand the true sources of the problems into stopping at nothing to make these over-hyped or sometimes fictitious problems go away.

Part of being an adult is accepting risk in life. No one can ever crawl back up into the womb. When fellow suffering sick people who have enough horror to already face are expected to pay so that confused people can have safety from everything. Cancer patients and others are now expected to lay down their lives for the "war effort-" that is the war effort for the war on drugs. How much more needs to be sacrificed in this country so the sheeple can have the experience of crawling back up into the womb?

medical marijuana 22.Feb.2010 09:02


I urge you to use medical marijuana, if you haven't already. Please have hope.