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How to save the United States

The U.S. government is no longer serving the need of Most Americans. We can change and here is how.
In my years working around the political system, I have found many people skeptical of my views, I've heard it all. "You like to complain a lot"; "It appears you haven't a clue how to fix the problems you write about". In response to my critics, this is for you. Here are the steps I would take to fix the United States, if the decision was solely mine.

Short Version


Hold Banks liable for personal loans that do not follow the 1/3 rule. Those who approve Loans above the 1/3 limit will be charged with a crime and punished.

This will stabilize the banking market.

Increase Import Tariffs in order to bring jobs back to the United States.

This will bring back jobs to the United States, in return Corporations will have the opportunity to move some production inside the prisons and pay each prisoner $.79 cents an hour. There also will be additional tax breaks if a Company hires a person with legal history within three years of being incarcerated. In Conclusion:

A. Work with States to produce goods/services in State Prisons for private industry. This will allow companies that had production overseas, to move back to the U.S. and get cheaper labor cost in the U.S. This will also help inmates that are in prison; once they get out of prison, they will be able to write in their resume that they worked for "this" company for so long. It could help replace a void/gap on their resume, which will help them possibly get employed somewhere else once they are out of prison.

B. Request the States raise prison pay wages from 49 cents per hour, to 79 cents per hour. Allow prisoners to keep 10% for them to use while in prison, another 20% applied to a savings account for when they get out. 70% to help cover cost while in prison, and Victim compensation.

Give companies a $1000.00 tax break for any person they hire that has criminal history within 3 years of incarceration from any prison in the United States.

Eliminate Riders on bills.

This would eliminate "Favored" lobbyist movement with things that are not related to the original bill. Amendments can only be done to the original bill and/or within the main body of the bill.

Increase the amount of money per month to social security recipients, giving them a 4% increase in wages.

We are applying some of the National sales tax I have included in my proposal in order to secure the additional pay raise of 4% for SSN, as well has help keep Social Security strong for an additional 110 years.

Cut 1/10 of the agencies, or employees within departments; Use this savings to pay off foreign debt.

This is a little misleading. Although many agencies will be eliminated and many others will have layoffs, there will be at least two new agencies created and some agencies will increase in size or be consolidated. For example; there will be a new agency for Medicaid and government insurance. The banking and insurance agencies will be increased with more auditors. The FDA will increase with a pricing department. IRS will increase for Corporate Auditing. The tax department will increase and create a new branch that deals with the National Tax. There will also be a new department that deals with the unemployment funds.

Limit Lobby money

No lobby money shall ever be given to representatives for campaigns, only individual's can give campaign contributions. There will be limited money from individuals of no more than $200.00 per, and no more than $1000.00 total which includes Federal, State, City, and County donations.

No special interest group can run campaign ads.

This will equalize the playing field.

Require Runoff Voting

This will allow a more open arena for elections.

No funding for Primary elections.

Money is tight and important to Government, we owe each individual the right to spend tax money frugally and only when needed. Many American's do not support either the Democrats or the Republicans. So if there is money used for a primary election, I do not see it being frugal of tax payer's dollars, especially those that do not support the two parties, therefore income derived from citizens of the United States will no longer be used for primaries. Each group will have to supply all funding for their own primary.

No cost for debates

We will require each television station to run three debates for free. All parties will be invited to the debate. There will also be no sponsors for the event, unlike the past. Questions will come from the crowd, who will be made up of groups equally 18-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46-55, 56-65, 65 and older. People will register via computer or by mail and be randomly selected. No question will be looked at before it is asked.

Encourage each community to begin having community currency or card.

It will be up to each community to decide which they want to use. Community Dollars or a Community Card. Either one can only be used at locally owned shops. The cash/card allows a discount for the local community of 10% or more on purchases, eating out, or a variety of other services within that community. No international chain or Corporation that has stores or shops in the community will be allowed to use this card; unless the headquarters of that Company is located within the community itself.

Proof of community must be in Driver License, and bills, such has power bill or phone bill.

Require schools to cover an economic class, including taxes, budgeting, and insurances etc.

This is a long time coming. Financial responsibility will help so things like recessions do not happen. Proper spending with eliminating excess spending that can cause severe debt is a must for education, In return we should see the number of bankruptcies go down.

I would create a government health insurance and allow private insurance companies, however all private insurance companies must change from for profit to not for profit, and there will be a limit on CEO's salary to 2 million dollars a year.

Not for profit is different than non profit.

Not for profit is a 60%-40% split while non profit is an 80%-20% split. Some insurance's are already at not for profit. Regence Blue Cross in the NW being one. Caps on executives will make sure that the need of the consumer is more important than the Executives. This will eliminate the 124 million a year salaries and eliminate huge bonuses like the 1.3 billion. It will also eliminate the public stocks and "holders" so that the value of stock and denial of claims will no longer be the game. I will also require elimination of pre-existing conditions. In California for example two agencies denied 2300 claims for pre-existing, but after review only 110 of them were legitimate.
With creation of a U.S. government Insurance company; this leads to a simpler way of controlling cost for private insurance companies. If the Governments insurance is lower cost with more benefits, than most insurance's, they will lower their prices to compete.

Also for those that can't afford insurance; but make too much money for Medicaid A; might qualify for Medicaid B.

There are three types of Medicaid in my plan that are separate from the government insurance plan.

Medicaid A covers 100% cost and is free to those that meet the criteria.

Medicaid B is a plan that people will still have to pay some amount, just lower and often pay for office visits at discounted rates and certain other services at a reduced cost.

Medicaid C is for employers of 40 employees or less that can't possibly afford the current cost of insurance, they will be given a discount through this plan. Also if the business was started by Federal Small Business loans, you are allowed to use Medicaid C at no extra cost over your first two years in business.

I would close the VA hospital and Tricare/Champus.
This is something I feel very strongly about, although it might cause some hardship in some regions. Most VA treatment is not up to the standards of other medical facilities. We have cut the VA year after year in their budgets. There simply is no use for it any longer. It has also stood in the way of Veterans getting the healthcare they need outside the VA. Tricare Insurance is a misguided insurance that is often difficult to deal with. Moving Veterans to a Medicare system will allow them to seek adequate care from a majority of better services.
Request all hospitals become not for profit.
Many hospitals are already there, but it would be a requirement to be in business. I offer additional tax breaks, but also any income generated from Medicaid payments will not go towards the hospitals income, therefore they do not have to pay tax on it.

Transfer all states Medicaid healthcare system except U.S. non citizen emergency funds, into a Federal agency, and increase Federal taxes by percent to help pay for it.

Each State will still have Medicaid, in order for things like food stamps, housing help etc.

Increase Social Security deductions from checks by 2%.

This money will go into a special SSN account that if person were to lose their job by getting fired, or if they quit, they can apply for unemployment benefits through this account, but first they must attempt to get money from the State and be denied, There will be a Federal audit of each denied claim from the State, in order to make sure the States decision stands. If no withdrawal happens prior to age 65 the money goes to SSN pay out in bulk sum at age 65. If person dies prior, next of kin gets the amount within 60 days of death.

Request each state to reduce their Medicaid department and cut taxes.
Since some of the Medicaid money is now transferred to Federal Medicaid for healthcare services, except for non citizen emergency funds, each state will be required to reduce taxes by at least 1% as well as apply additional monies into college funding for additional scholarships and loans. Also each state must adapt a three tier Medicaid system, which I will explain later in this document.

Each State will be required to include in their budget emergency funding for people that are not U.S. Citizens for emergency care, the amount is up to each State to decide.
Education is a very important issue; many countries around the world have free college education. The United States is falling behind. In some cases tuition went up 60% in one year. Money that was being used to cover Medicaid healthcare services can now be applied to education in order to offer more scholarships and loans at lower interest rates.
Put limitations on corporate growth.

Going back to the late 1800's through the mid 1900's companies were limited in growth in order to make business more competitive, but also more diverse. I want to reinstate these laws. We will put limitations on how a much a Corporation can invest/buy in additional companies that are in different fields. We will also enact a strict monopoly rule. Since the 1990's we have gutted this rule. By doing all of this we will increase diversity, stop downsizing, and stabilize our work forces.

Close the borders until unemployment is below 6%

Many countries have recently done this with success, the bottom line; by allowing more people into our Country, our wages are being reduced in the United States. When jobs are being exported overseas and people are being imported into our country at a staggering rate, it leads to future economic failure over time, and It lowers wages because there is a shortage of work, which can often contribute to higher crime.

Increase immigration screening.

Immigration is out of control, I want the Bureau of Labor Statistics working with immigration to decide which immigrants can become American citizens. We want citizens that work to improve our economy, not hinder it. This will also aid in reducing Medicaid cost for each state. We will break it up into three groups, (no real skills, some skills, and advance skills with education). We can allow people coming into our country with no real skills, but it will be based on the amount of jobs currently available within our economy, the same for the other two tiers of people. This is why it is important that the BLS works with immigration, they are responsible of determining where the job market is, and if we have room for additional workers from outside our country in that field.

Emergency Medical for non U.S. citizens would be allocated per State, not Federal.

See notes from above.

No bailout of any industrial Corporation.

There will be no more Government help. Poor management leads to consequences. If plants close, the U.S. government will allow employees to take over the company free of charge in attempt to make it work. The new employee owned and operated company must be based on a collective of its workers, and must be approved by commerce. It will also be subjected to audits quarterly. There will be no additional funding from government to businesses taken over by employees. We have seen this work time after time again, not only in other Countries, but also in the U.S. It will no longer be illegal for employees to do this. This will also help in reducing unemployment compensation.

Give environment credits to Corporations, and help reduce their taxes.
There will still be EPA standards and each State will have their own rules regarding this, however if any company within the U.S. can prove that any improvements contribute to helping the environment, they shall receive tax credits. The EPA will be in control in deciding if tax environment discounts shall be applied or not.
Stress that each member represents their district, not their party or lobbyist.

Any District that feels their representative no longer represents the need of that community, can recall their representative after a petition is signed by the community. It will take 60% of that district to sign the petition before a new election will take place.
Each representative must hold at least 3 town meetings within their district each year to keep the people of that district in touch with what is going on.

Require that the FDA, have no financial interest in the drugs that they are approving.

Currently one out of every ten people within the FDA has vested interest in drugs they are approving. This is no longer acceptable.

Put new limitations on drug companies (such as advertising, or buying food for Doctors offices.

Currently the average CEO of drug companies makes 54 million a year. 85% of all development and research of drugs happen at colleges that are federally funded by our tax dollars. Advertising has increased as well, and as contributed to a flurry of request for a drug that may not be needed or have an adverse affect. With demand in Medicine, it is contributing to large increases for drugs that might not even be needed. Many doctors are given perks in order to prescribe certain drugs whether they are needed or not. Although laws have increased to stop things like Doctor Reimbursement on commission for the amount prescribed, there is still abuse happening, Things like free lunches for instance.

Reduce troops overseas
Let other countries fight their own battles. This doesn't mean we don't seek peace, but we must be united. Thus all interest of aiding countries must go through the U.N. for actions. We no longer need to be colonizing country after country for U.S. Corporation gain, which has happened 257 times in the last 60 years.
Pay back fees to the United Nations.

We have not paid 8 years of fees to the U.N. We owe them 8 years of back Fee's. Although the U.N. is located in the U.S. this does not allow us the right to take advantage of them for fees or for voting rights like we have been doing for some time now.

Reduce the cost of Drugs.

Drug Companies that have had research and development done in public schools through grants must have the drugs priced through the FDA in order to reduce the price of medicine. Currently the majority of drugs produced from drug companies are "Me Too" drugs, meaning they are an extension of something already created, often this is done because the patent from the other drug is about to expire, which allows genetic drugs to be used in their place. Many of the newly introduced drugs for example might just be increased in mg's only.

Out of the 90 drugs released last year, only 17 were new drugs, the rest were "Me Too" drugs and out of the 17, only three were researched and developed by the Drug Manufacture, the rest were done at universities. One drug introduced a couple years ago changed price 15 times in a 17 month period. Unfortunately, this continues to happen when demand is in strong supply. Drug companies also get the orphan tax break, which means if a drug is expected to sell less than 250,000.00 they don't have to include it as income and get an extra tax break to introduce it on the market.

Eliminate the Federal Minimum Wage.

Each County of each State shall be responsible to set minimum wages within that county; this will help make salaries that are in proportion of the County they live in.
Get Rid of the Electoral College.

For now on the popular vote will be the one used to vote for the President.

Taxes and other significant changes
I call for an increase of Federal tax of .5 percent per pay check, this not only helps for future SSN payouts, but also to help reduce foreign debt. By cutting and eliminating some agencies, we will also be able to use some of that money to help pay off foreign debt faster and get back on track.
I have created a Nation Wide Sales tax of 2% that will work towards Medicaid funding, extra funding for the military in addition help pay off debt, it will also be used to supply States funding for various projects and create loans for small start up businesses.
Each check will have 2% taken out of it through SSN, this is not a tax, but rather a rainy day fund for those that might find themselves unemployed, or money needed at retirement. This money will increase with interest. If people want to contribute more, they will have that option as well.
Unemployment and Social Security will no longer have to pay taxes on the money being received.
Each State is required to reduce taxes by at least 1%.
Companies have more opportunities to reduce their taxes.

Campaign funding limits.

No campaign can go over 2 million dollars, except President at 5 million in campaign money received. Any excess amount must be either returned to those that donate it, or given to the party in order to disburse it among other candidates that are running who haven't met the limit yet.

Charities will be encouraged to help in certain areas that are no longer funded by the Federal, State, City or County governments.

The Federal Government will offer special breaks for any non profit that will assist in these endeavors.



Would set in State Law that no property tax can be increased above 1% without voter approval in any one year time.

We have seen huge increases in property tax often leaving the older population having to move, because they no longer can afford their property tax on the home they hoped to spend their remaining years at. Although the increase in SSN will help, the better choice is to reduce the amount of property tax increases.

No government money shall be used for promoting initiatives within the state during elections.

We have seen an increase of government agencies throwing parties/ Fundraisers etc.. To non profits that help advertise for or against certain initiatives, this is no longer acceptable and will be against the law.

Enact 3 tier welfare system.

The three tier system is easy - Short explanation:

One tier is that the children will be covered; however the parents are responsible for supplying money to the state in order to assist each child.

Those that are disabled, but are not covered under the Federal program for certain things like food stamps and housing will be covered.

Parents that are not working; but could be with proper education will be limited to 2 years of Medicaid services and in return they must be getting an education that is funded by the State. Their education is a loan that must be paid back in small amounts over time. If they default on loan payments; the state will seek collections from court order in addition with court cost and there is a possibility that their children will be taken away from them. They are also required to volunteer 8 hours per month in the community which they reside. Each state will interact through a common Data Base, in order to see if anyone applying for Medicaid as had Medicaid before and used all 2 years. This way a person can't go from State to State collecting Medicaid. For example:
If a person resided in Washington State and received money 1 years with education, then moved to Arizona, they could only have 1 year of Medicaid services left and 1 year of education to get that degree, and they must continue to pay on loans. Also they can't use these loans in regards to bankruptcy debt, there is also a chance they can be prosecuted for fraud.

Slash current agencies.

Reduce the amount of State agencies that are not needed. In other words, agencies that we the people can live without, these include special committees. On Average each state has about 140 special communities within it.

Put more emphasis on non profits to cover former government agencies.
See above.

Increase Production in prisons.

This will help maintain business within the States, and give companies another option instead of moving production overseas.

Cut Medicaid in half, use some of the money to be put in education.
I'm very firm on getting the U.S. to be ahead of all countries in education, currently we are falling behind. Europe, Japan and India are all stronger in education than us. The only way to get this back; is increase funding for our education.

Additional tax breaks for Companies that hire people with legal history within 5 years of sentence for felons, and 2 years for misdemeanors.
On the Federal level I put three years after incarceration, In east state I have five years from date of conviction and 2 years for date of conviction on misdemeanors. With lack of work and the new computer age, this has caused high unemployment for people with legal history and therefore increases in crime. Currently one out of nine Americans has a felony and one out of seven have a misdemeanor. We need to change those stats and get them going the other direction. Currently one out of three re-offend.

Shift part DNR sales to State Parks, trails and camp grounds.

Use non profits to help keep these up as well. Drop private contracts. There will no longer be a trail fee or day use fee. Camping will still cost money.

People already pay taxes to cover this cost. It's unfair to ask for additional funding, when they pay taxes. I will ask that each park and trail contain a donation box.

Reduce prison population.

Release class C felons that have three months or less on their sentence. Also release Class C felons from probation early once 1/3 of their probation is complete, if they multiple convictions they won't be eligible for early release. People with misdemeanors will be on bench probation. We also want to focus sentences to be less jail time and more community service.

Be diverse. Have each State should have a property tax, income tax, and sales tax, but adjust them to be fair. For example if I currently have a 1% property tax, 9 % income tax. I would change it, maybe keep the 1% property tax, lower the income tax to 6% and charge a sales tax of 3%. But since Medicaid will be lowered, they might think of something like this: Property tax 1 %, Sales Tax 3% and income tax of 5%.

Request Volunteer's.

Use Volunteers to work with parks, camp grounds, and offer State tax discounts. Ask people to help volunteer for additional projects and receive additional State tax relief.

Wage requirements
Each county is responsible for establishing their own minimum wage. This will help salaries reflect the cost of living within each county.


1. Pay off past due's to the U.N.
2. Lower U.S. Foreign Debt
3. Brings Jobs back to the United States.
4. Lower Crime
5. Provide Diversity In Business
6. Reduce Downsizing
7. Stabilize the Economy/Salaries
8. Increase The Amount of Money People Receive That Are on Social Security.
9. Allow Social Security TO BE Around An Additional 110 Years.
10. Have Salaries Reflect Cost of County.
11. Reduce Lobby Money And Political Favors
12. Eliminate Riders On Bills.
13. Establish a Federal Savings & Unemployment Fund.
14. Create Less Tax for Hospitals
15. Make Insurance, Banking, and Drug Companies More Honest.
16. Establish Economic Stability in Banking.
17. Reduce The Cost of Medicine.
18. Reduce State Taxes.
19. Provide Better Education For Less Cost.
20. Reduce People on Medicaid.
21. Create Skills/Experience for Convicts.
22. Receive Money Back From Some Medicaid Participants.
23. Allow Volunteer's to Write off taxes, when they help the Community on Certain Projects, which Helps Reduce Cost for Government.
24. Lower Cost For Some Businesses
25. Create More Small Businesses
26. Keep Local Business Strong.
27. Create More Opportunities for Additional Election Parties.
28. Get Rid of Government Waste.
29. Create A Higher Income Return For Population.
30. Reduce Troops Over Sea's.
31. Reduce Government Size.
32. Focus More On Rewarding Companies For Environmental Change, Rather Than Punish.
33. Get Rid Of Inadequate healthcare, By Eliminating the VA and Tricare
34. Make Companies Responsible For Their Actions.
35. Allow Collectives To Take Over, When All Else Fails, This Will Help To Reduce Unemployment Payouts.
36. Eliminate Taxes in Social Security and Unemployment.
37. Use the popular vote to elect the President.