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History of Animal Rights in the Pacific Northwest

Where: Portland State University Smith Building Cascade Room 236
When: Saturday, February 20 at 6:00pm
Description: There is a long and rich history of animal activism in the
Pacific Northwest. Long-time activists will be sharing stories about the
history and their personal experiences of being an animal rights activist
in the PNW.

Speakers include Matt Rossell from In Defense of Animals, former SHAC
prisoner Josh Harper (via prerecorded video), and a representative of the
Portland Animal Defense League.

Please Remember Henry Hutto Today 20.Feb.2010 08:13

Eugene Sends Solidarity

Henry Hutto was a staunch defender of animals who died by his own hand in Eugene, Oregon at age 49 in 2003. Henry could never reconcile his love of animals with the way they are treated by humans. He was a very early activist in protesting animal torture/research at the University of Oregon and U.C. California Davis, and he spent several months in jail in Sacremento after refusing to testify at a grand jury inquiry. He died without cooperating an inch with "authorities".

Regarding the Conflict with "One Struggle, One Fight" 20.Feb.2010 12:31

Student Animal Liberation Coalition salcpsu@pdx.edu

Unfortunately, the conflict with the AETA4 benefit at Red & Black was unfortunate and difficult to avoid. We encourage folks to make whatever choice they feel is best. Solidarity with the AETA4 is imperative and there are no hard feelings for those who choose to attend that event over this one.

We all benefit from these events and are excited that there are so many AR events this weekend.