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Calling all Blockbuster employees...

one lowly Blockbuster shift manager seeks solidarity in unionizing. If there are any IMC readers out there that happen to work for Blockbuster Inc. PLEASE read this!
I am attempting to start a union and desperately need help. I have never done this before and certainly can't accomplish this alone. If any IMC readers work for Blockbuster Inc. and would like to discuss ideas for unionizing please contact me at the e-mail address above. (In case you are wondering) current complaints against the company include the following : we have not received raises for 2 YEARS (not a dime!) since we are open 365, employees work EVERY holiday of the year, the majority of which are UNPAID. Employees who are considered "part time" are only eligible for 22 hours of paid time off per year which applies to vacation as well as sick time. (There is no separate sick time for ANY employees.) There are no affordable healthcare options. Employees are not guaranteed any set amount of hours. An employee's hours are often determined by his or her ability to meet sales goals which consistently fluxuate and change. I'm sure there are other complaints out there, but those are the big ones. Again, if anyone out there is reading this and works for Blockbuster PLEASE contact me.