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inspiring book/movie pairs needed ASAP re resisting social control

Please immediately post inspiring, constructive movie/book pairs on how to resist social control/mind control in an increasingly fascist world that my sensitive, already-politically savvy daughter can propose to her high school teacher as an alternative to depressing, cynical, violent ones that teach insensitivity and learned helplessness. She is highly sensitive to violence. She knows deeper foreboding analyses of current events and history, and evil plans for our future. She already knows more than most adults about problems; she needs uplifting solutions and images that will sustain her under oppression while under persecution and privation, when she seems to be the only one speaking out. She needs to learn how to stay alive when she would be one of the first targeted for her leadership and moral courage, and how to keep her hope/faith, her inner joy, her effective clarity.
Please post appropriate books with movies made about them that would show how to successfully resist injustice and the New World Order and genocide, that would not fill her heart and mind with more ugly images and horrors when she already sees connections most do not. What can a kid do that is real and effective, that makes sense, has integrity, and feels good? How can she know she is not alone? How can she counter images of betrayed trust and safely find what is truly trustworthy? How can she still earn her A with integrity and keep her sovereignty over her own experiences and future memories/feelings? She knows about centuries of carefully building centralized control at the cost of most of humanity, controlling/limiting/poisoining our thinking, water, food, land, health, safety, economy, politics, militaries, schools, religions/corporations, medicine, science/technology, concepts of possibilities.

She already knows Shock Doctrine, Crossing the Rubicon, 9-11 truth stuff, etc. She will already have read for the class Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, etc. She does not want to see Clockwork Orange or Children of Men, etc. She does not need and is harmed by more dystopias. She needs realistic utopias, a vision of what to fight and survive/thrive for. Who are some inspiring true-life ordinary folks who have made a difference, resisting social control, making our world a better place? What are some films and book pairs that you recommend? What will feed her spirit, her soul, and mind? What can empower her through hard times we foresee? What inspiring words and images can protect and nurture when all else seems gone and crazy? What is not shallow, simplistic, insulting pap and propoganda, but substantial and sensitive of literary and political weight, suitable for a brilliant little girl working for college credit A+?

I do not know if they have to be science fiction. Just she must compare and contrast book/movie pairs with other book/movie pairs addressing social control. She and I want the emphasis on successful resistance. Please post ASAP since her assignment is due soon. Book and movie titles. Where to find or see them. A caring community. Persuasion and strategies with teacher. Thank you.