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why not carry your protests to the killer-kop's house

since it's so obvious that the PPB is into massive cover-up
as to what's really going on with these citizen-killings as
they collectively rally around the killer-kop and treat the
dude ((no female cops have yet killed a citizen here that I
know of...??)) as an "innocent victim" that just "had to kill
the poor soul that got the bullet", etc. etc.
why not carry the protesting to the doors of the offending cop? Surely, this is
far more effective than protesting at City Hall that is full of indifferent and
bureaucratically inclined stooges. As I'm informed, neighbors of some of past
PPB's Killer Kops have turned on the cop and his family as they don't like to be
living near a known "killer" and the fact that protester's are showing up on a
regular basis in their neighborhood will only further their resentments to the
offending cop and his family; enough so that perhaps they'll become far less
"neighborly" towards them and puts pressure on them to move on along elsewhere!

So, anyone knowing Officer Ron Frashour's home address, post it here so that the
protesting public has it and can use it if they so decide.

Make it so that the cop's who kill are made to endure an enraged public's true
PROTEST and their families are made to question the version hubby/daddy is telling them at home by taking the matter to their doorsteps!