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The New Heroes

As we move into a fresh political climate as a country and voting body we see a shift from realizing significant problems with the two major parties, yet never really doing much about it, to many taking a stand with their voting power. There was a surge in popular support for a break from the status quo and in 2006 and 2008 people opted for a real change expecting commensurate results. That was a shift from where the right had taken us to what many hoped was something new. Now with many frustrated by the lack of progress and others with the direction another groundswell of popular support for a divergence is underway.

We all have opinions which range wide. Left or right, mostly we are all a mix of opinions and stances depending on the issues. We are Americans and humans diverse as we should be. No opinions are wrong except those advocating law breaking and going around the legal procedures for bringing about change. That kind of self indulgence never helps.

The right found the Tea Party and support from well funded backers they list on their site and have done well. Republicans tapped into this and are attempting to absorb them and rebrand them. They have had some support with this and are now issuing ultimatums demanding the Tea Party pick sides. That will mean they either support Republicans or Democrats. There really isn't much they can do if they choose to stay independent. What would the current Republican run be without them?

In reality the Tea Party found the most push, momentum and impetus from their ability to stay independent and say "we don't support anyone. We support who we feel speaks to our values." Otherwise there's no grassroots movement, but merely a vote getting outfit from the party that produced TARP. That's mentioned as it is a major issue with the Tea Party.

Their ability to say we are not of the status quo has made them the Tea Party. Anything less is a Democrat or Republican not an independent grass roots movement and lessens them. We will see how committed they are to being independent voices or not soon enough. It will be up to them.

The left has discovered, though some of the promises made were kept, some were not. One reason has been the inability of Democrats to stick together as a team and ensure their message remained known. If they have one.

Meanwhile Republicans have done an excellent job at tapping into the frustration and winning elections based on it. Democrats have sat back during the last few elections and decided not to show an understanding of what Americans are going through or that they have an answer or what it may be.

Their voting block has been amazed at the lack of interest in the recent elections as Democrats came in one to two weeks previous to an election relying on only the President instead of all coming in and showing the new faces along with the message of how they intend to deliver on promises and campaigning as a team vigorously. If they keep doing this they will be essentially offering up the 2010 elections to Republicans like gifts for beating them at the family reunion basketball game.

The jobs of elected officials representing a mandate to implement ideals and goals of a swath of voters via legislation is not merely trying to attain goals when in power, but striving to keep getting elected so the goals can continuously be worked on and furthered. With the very public job of failing to stick together on passing health care they demonstrated working as a team was not a strong point when they had the votes to make the changes their supporters demanded. Many in the media remarked after the 2008 elections "the only people who can ruin things for the Democrats now are the Democrats." So far that is precisely what has happened.

They have the chance to get their message out this next election, but the question is do they want to? When they have a majority do they put in the work to maintain the momentum given to them by their voters? Do they desire their unfinished work be accomplished? Will they simply make excuse after excuse? When a Massachusetts Democrat interviewed during the recent Senate election referred to them as "limousine liberals" was he correct?

They need to work towards non partisanship which both sides have failed at. Perhaps as they are not presenting any ideas for what they will do to accomplish the "change" they campaigned on they are content with the way things are. As Republicans are relying on the Tea Party for new ideas perhaps they are in the same boat. Maybe more independent loud and elected minority parties are the best way to ensure things get done on the Hill. Less insiders with connections more real people either way.

There will no doubt be more grass roots momentum for change in the future as those we've been electing just don't seem to be coming up with solutions aimed at the majority. They have not over the last year.

With so many retirements and seats up for contention this November on both sides and frustrated voters nationwide there will be plenty of room for new voices from all sides of the political spectrum determined to work hard and present real ideas hitting people where they feel it most. Whether Democrat, Republican or third party the voices will be the new champions of the current frustration. They will be required to put forward messages meant to tell us all how they will work to change the nation for the better. They will also need to back it up.

What we will see now is who really wants it and who can prove they're worth the votes. We will see who is content with sitting around and allowing the gears of the status quo to grind on chewing up everyday Americans in the process.

To read about my inspiration for this article go to www.lawsuitagainstuconn.com.

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