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Video and Photographs From Rallies and March On Mayor Adams Office.

The Portland Community responded vehemently on Wednesday to the news that Ron Frashour, the officer who had shot an unarmed citizen earlier on January 29th, was allowed back to work that morning.

Video of Rally, March and Confrontation with Mayor Adams
Following an enormous rally the night before featuring renowned civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson, citizens gathered at the Portland Justice Center to voice their outrage and determination to stay the long haul until Frashour was off the force and City officials and the PPD took steps to stop the ongoing "business as usual" instances of excessive force and police brutality.

Following the rally at the Justice Center, the gathering marched the one block top City hall. Within a few minutes they entered the building, climbing the two flights of stairs and confronted Mayor Sam Adams. The door was initially locked but Adams came out promptly to face the righteous rage of a community who feel they have long been the target of police abuse and callous misuse of deadly force.

The crowd was having none of the bureaucratic "wait until more information is gathered" diplomacy of the mayor and shouted him down several times during the conversation with Rev. Leroy Haynes of the Albina Ministerial Alliance. Eventually, at the insistence of the crowd, Adams led the family of Aaron Campbell into his office and closed the door.

At the two rallies, speakers Rev. Leroy Hanes, former State Senator Avel Gordley , Bishop AA Wells and T. Allen Bethel emphasized the many things the PPD did wrong both during the confrontation with Campbell and after he was shot in the back. He was allowed to lay handcuffed on the ground without medical attention for at least a half an hour after being shot.
Campbell is the latest in a long list of unarmed victims of Police violence, the officers who then hide behind the "Blue Wall" and their union representative, claiming that they feared for their lives. Organizers and citizens alike swear that they will not let this slide and will continue their efforts to reform what they consider to be an irresponsible and arrogant police force.

Photographs were contributed by Kellie La Bonty.

Video of Rally, March and Confrontation with Mayor Adams

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