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Stand Together Against Police Violence

Rally and March in response to the recent murder of Aaron Campbell by Portland Police, and the perpetual violence perpetrated by police in our communities.

Pioneer Square @ 3pm on Friday the 19th!
Tomorrow, we are calling for the citizens of Portland to stand strong together against the violence inherent to the policing system. We have asked our fellow students to join us in walking out of classes and into the streets. We now extend our invitation to our teachers and professors, as well as to all of the many members of Portland's diverse communities. We will not be passive observers to the continued brutalization of our friends, neighbors and families, but instead will stand strong in opposition to those who would marginalize and attempt to quell our outrage. See you in the streets!
love and unity,
Students for Revolutionary Action

3pm @ Pioneer Square 19.Feb.2010 00:18

Barking Radish

Go to fight against Ungar Furs @ 12th & SW Yamhill and then join the anti-cop bloc party (anarchist of the day nominations!)!




Portland Police Actively Recruit Aggressive Officers 20.Feb.2010 08:36

Rich Finerty boren_ryan@yahoo.com

The Portland Police Bureau actively hires employees with a documented work history of police abuse of force. Just check out the Portland Police Bureau's own web site: http://www.joinportlandpolice.com/contact.html scroll down and youll find the name of a Police Background Investigator hired last year Craig Magill (AKA: Robert Craig Magill). Magill was the former Portland BLM Special Agent in Charge and now a Background Investigator for the Portland Police Bureau making the determinations as to who becomes a Portland Police Officer. But check out Magill's own law enforcement background: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1030524/posts Back in November 2003, Magill (R.C. Magill = Robert Craig Magill) was investigated by the FBI for abuse of force. "A 19-year-old Encinitas man remains in a wheelchair with limited mobility after suffering spinal cord injuries here Nov. 2 allegedly caused by a Bureau of Land Management ranger against whom allegations of abuse of power and use of excessive force have been raised. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's office in El Centro is investigating the incident that a third-party witness described as being "pretty tragic" and "a shame." Brian Boyd suffered bruising to the spinal cord in the neck area as well as having vertebrae in his neck and lower back wrenched out of place, said Tom Boyd, the alleged victim's father. Tom Boyd, 52, of Encinitas, is a commercial airline pilot who served as an aircraft carrier fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy from 1973 to 1993. He retired from military service with the rank of commander and attended the prestigious "Top Gun" fighter pilot school twice during the course of his naval aviation career. "There seems to be a bunch of cowboys out there abusing people. ... They thought he was a punk kid they could harass. ... We truly believe that an independent investigation is needed to let people know of the abuse," said Tom Boyd. Roberta Boyd, 46, of Encinitas, is Tom Boyd's wife and Brian Boyd's mother. She witnessed the incident that led to her son being injured and said she was so distraught from seeing the alleged abuse suffered by her son that she had to look away and began dry-heaving. "If I had interfered in any way, I really believe they were going to arrest me because that's what they told me," said Roberta Boyd. The BLM rangers involved in the incident were identified by the Boyds and their attorneys as Ray Leloup and R.C. Magill. A spokeswoman with the BLM office in El Centro said Leloup is a ranger assigned to the El Centro office. The spokeswoman said Magill is not assigned to the El Centro office and information on where he is stationed was unavailable." Then the BLM tries to cover up Magill's participation by saying his assignment was not available, why because he was the BLM"s top law enforcement officer in Portland Oregon. To this day no one has any clue what her was doing wearing a ranger uniform beating up 19 year kids for not having a $12 BLM recreation pass in El Centro, CA. But this is the guy that the Portland Police hired to select new Police Officers! An you wonder why the Portland Police Department is one of the mst aggressive Police Departments in the U.S.?

VIDEOS: 5 vidoe clips from the rally and protest march to PSU 04.Mar.2010 15:35

Joe Anybody

I posted 5 videos from this rally and march on the following link here on Indy Media