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economic justice

Brawn Porn - The Truth About The Olympics

an 8-minute video
"The whole confused mess is brought to you by taxpayers at the point of a gun, most of whom aren't even born yet who will continue to pay debts for these rich kids to go play around in the snow.

It's not so much shameful that the ruling class doesn't thank the tax slaves for building pretty courses to play around in. What is embarrassing is to see all of the taxpayers cheering them on."

- Stefan Molyneux (Canadian citizen)

homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/user/stefbot#p/u/0/cLxYNM1ziFI

Thank You 18.Feb.2010 07:12

Den Mark, Vancouver WA

Olympics are bogus. Imagine: security alone cost a billion dollars. Guess who pays. And all to show that rich countries are richer than poor countries, as if we didn't know that. The entire farce is revolting. Or should be!