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Great Land ship heading for Portland now

The TOTE ship Great Land traveled to Pearl Harbor and San Diego carrying Stryker combat vehicles earlier this month. Sunday morning it is expected in Portland (February 21, 2010 around 8AM).
The ship Great Land (TOTE) arrived in San Diego at the General Dynamics Land Systems Stryker Refit facility

Tuesday, February 16th 2010 at 6AM, and left there Wednesday 2-17-10 at 8AM, bound for Portland, Oregon.

The Great Land had landed in Pearl Harbor on February 8th 2010 before moving on to San Diego. It came to

Pearl Harbor Hawaii from Tacoma Washington early this month.

It was suspected, and is now confirmed, that the Great Land took a cargo of Stryker combat vehicles from

Tacoma to Pearl Harbor and then either picked up or dropped off materials at San Diego. This is not a

normal operation for the vessel, nor is its terminal of call at San Diego a normal berth for the ship.

The ship is expected at Portland on February 21, 2010 around 8AM.

The US Coast Guard vessel Mellon, also normally seen in Puget Sound, was also spotted off the coast of San

Diego today.


I estimate that the repaired vehicles of the Hawaii (Schofield Barracks) based 2-25th Stryker Brigade

Combat Team are arriving early Monday morning at Pearl Harbor, aboard the Totem Ocean Trailer Express ship

"Greatland" or Great Land (Sources on the radio spectrum differ from the ship's own nameplate).

The ship left a week ago from Tacoma Washington, and was last seen via radio transponder just north of

Hawaii at the following link:


Background on the ship, including its image, can be found at:


These vehicles were "reset" (repaired, refurbished and replaced) at Fort Lewis Washington, supported by

defense contractor General Dynamics Land Systems.

Port Militarization Resistance (Olympia) has tracked these vehicles ever since 2006, including this

shipment prior to its arrival at Fort Lewis in October/November 2009.

We photographed the ship just prior to its leaving Tacoma, the same morning we found it broadcasting its

intended destination. Unfortunately, it was already loaded and no one had noticed and reported any

northbound trucks carrying the vehicles to the Port of Tacoma.

It is highly unusual in my own experience for a TOTE ship to travel to Hawaii. Their regular routes are

all to and from Alaska. TOTE also carried the Alaska-based Strykers during their previous reset cycle.

Newspapers in Hawaii (Honolulu) have been tipped to the potential news story.

phone: phone: 360-870-3127

What Totem Website says 17.Feb.2010 23:56


. . . is that "Great Land" was chartered to Matson Navigation (old-line Hawai'ian enterprise in shipping trade) in 2003, has been in use as a vehicle carrier, and has been (is being?) employed on routes between Hawai'i and US west coast.

Disinformation... 18.Feb.2010 11:45


We've watched these ships since 2006, and this is the first time we have ever seen it in San Diego. Plus, it stopped about 150 yards from the General Dynamics Land Systems Stryker Reset facility in San Diego, and traveled to Pearl Harbor the week before that (not to a commercial port, to a military port.) Nice try, though.


Arrived as expected 22.Feb.2010 11:00


The Great Land arrived as expected at a little after 8AM. It's tied up at the drydock just south of the University of Portland commons (Look out to the river, south of the buildings down below the cliff). This is a US Military berth where other US Navy and US Army vessels have staged before. The Great Land is a contract ship belonging to TOTE, though (So this once again shows that it was hauling some military cargo).