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A Very Cheap Organic Transportation Plan

I think a majority would truly support this. If you don't agree, please offer an alternative.
1) Stop subsidizing cheap oil: Cut the miltary budget and stop building roads.

2) Tax property according to lot size rather than value. This would naturally encourage a more efficient use of space without penalizing improvements. Such a tax would prevent the hoarding of land, keeping more of it available for the free enjoyment of all. It could be available at two rates: a higher rate preventing free passage (homes, etc.) and a lower rate allowing free passage (farms, etc.). Land on which tax isn't paid would be freely occupied and therefore difficult to develop.

NOTE: This plan is organic, so it would take a few years before we see the ultimate result: a quiet, harmonious city with bicycle paths (possibly golf carts, too) meandering through quaint peaceful neighborhoods with small businesses and houses.

Possible. 17.Feb.2010 14:46

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

taxation based on value does encourage sprawl. However, taxing based on lot size may also create a differing form of sprawl.

Changing development laws, and using "guided growth" can solve most of these issues, provided corporations are not in control.

a good place to start is www.car-free.org

There are already extensive plans for car free cities, but overcoming corporate interests is virtually impossible

Two Questions 17.Feb.2010 19:11


The problem with "guided growth" is that it is a top-down solution. It would have to be democratic because politicans can be bribed.
Also, how would area-based property taxes lead to a different sprawl? Wouldn't people choose to live in smaller plot closer in?