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Steve Murphy Update - Your Support Still Needed!

Ways you can support Steve, and email list problems...
Hello everyone,

As many of you know, Steve accepted a plea in January. He is currently facing 5 years in prison, and he needs
your support during this difficult time. There are a few different things you can do listed below.

*Also - we recently tried to send this alert out to Steve's support list only to discover that the email list
has somehow been wiped. If you were receiving updates from Steve's support crew and would like to continue
receiving them you will need to subscribe again. We apologize for any inconvenience. To sign up for e-mail
updates, send a blank email to: supportsteve-subscribe[at]supportsteve[dot]org *

Here are some important ways you can support Steve at this time....

-Write Steve a letter. Letters help Steve keep his spirits up and stay connected to his communities ouside
of prison. Send Steve a postcard, a letter, a picture of your favorite place. It will only be a few
minutes out of your day - but it will mean a lot to Steve.

Steve's mailing address is:

Please remember that all of Steve's mail is read by the authorities and anything we say can absolutely
be used against him. Do not mention his case or anything related to it. For a more complete
description of mail regulations, visit:  http://supportsteve.org/info.htm

-Donate. Steve still needs money to help pay for things like food and stamps from commissary and phone calls
to friends and loved ones. Please consider donating - even the smallest amount helps. You can donate
through PayPal on Steve's website, or you can put money directly on Steve's commissary (for more
information on this, please scroll to the bottom of this email).

-Books. Good reading material can be critically important for folks in jail. Steve would love to have more
books to help him pass the time. Remember - books must be sent to Steve directly from the publisher
or bookstore (no used books), and hardback books will not be accepted. Amazon, AK Press, Barnes and
Noble, and Microcosm Publishing are all examples of places on-line from which you can send Steve
reading material. You will need his full address - including his booking number.

-Come to sentencing. This is perhaps the most important way you can support Steve. Standing in a courtroom
alone can be a very scary experience. It would be wonderful if we could pack the courtroom with
supporters so Steve will know he's not alone. If at all possible, please plan on coming to Steve's
sentencing. Sentencing is currently set for April 5. The hearing will be at the Courthouse located
at: 312 N. Spring St. in Los Angeles. Courtroom #8 (Judge Manuel Real). We will update you about
the time as the hearing gets closer. Please stay tuned!

Thanks to you all,
Steve's Support Crew


(From San Bernardino county Jail's website)

Adding Money to an Inmate's Account

Money orders will be accepted through the mail and posted to the inmate's account. The money order should be
made out to the correct detention facility and include the inmate's name and booking number. We accept all
forms of money orders but postal money orders are preferred. Bank cashier checks will be accepted and posted
only after verification has been made by the bank. We do not accept cash or personal checks.

Cash deposits to an inmate's account can be made in person at the appropriate facility. You must have the
exact money amount, as change cannot be given. We do not accept coins.

You will need:

Name and location of Facility:
Central Detention Center
630 E. Rialto Ave.
San Bernardino, CA 92415

Inmates name and number:
Steve Murphy

You can also deposit money into an inmates account online at:  http://www.icsdeposits.com/index.html

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportsteve.org