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"ONE STRUGGLE-ONE FIGHT" An Intergenerational Political Prisoner Support Panel

Speaking: Jeff "Free" Luers, Walidah Imarisha, Lauren Regan, Nadia Winsted, and Claude Marks.
An Intergenerational Political Prisoner Support Panel

-Friday, Feb 19
Reed College-3203 SE Woodstock Boulevard
Eliot 314

-Saturday, Feb 20th
Red and Black Cafe
400 Se 12th Ave

"If they come for me in the morning, they'll come for you at night".
-Angela Davis

"Any movement that does not support their political internees ... is a
sham movement"
-Ojore Lutalo

'One struggle, one fight' - it can be an elusive concept. Please join
this panel of speakers as they talk about the Animal Enterprise
Terrorism Act, the Green Scare, COINTELPRO and how they relate to each

The aim of this panel is to explore how movements struggling for
fundamental change can persevere over the long term in the face of state

Speakers: Lauren Regan (Civil Liberties Defense Center), Nadia Winsted
(grand jury resistor), Claude Marks (Freedom Archives, former political
prisoner), Jeffrey Luers (former political prisoner, environmental
activist), and Walidah Imarisha (historian, hip-hop artist).

This will be a benefit for the AETA 4, four activists in the Bay Area
being prosecuted as "terrorists" for their beliefs. All money raised
will go to their legal defense fund. In addition, this event will
hopefully plant the seeds of solidarity and cross-pollination between

No one turned away for lack of funds.