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Student Walkout! Friday @ Noon

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On Friday, February 19th, we are calling for an act of unity with all who have been affected by police violence. We will not sit idly by while the police brutalize and murder people in our community. We ask that all of our fellow students join us in leaving their classrooms early, and by meeting us in the streets to express your outrage with the continual violence perpetrated by armed thugs in uniform.

This Friday at Noon-Walkout!

Rally and Speak Out Against Police Violence-3pm in Pioneer Square

your fellow students

Y0 17.Feb.2010 00:48


Hey Everyone lets jump on the intercoligiate radical student organizing.  http://nwstudentcoalition.net/ submit any student activities you got goin on and join our network so we can help get the word out! Were having a potluck sometime soon to network with other radical organizers on campuses in your community!


Student Power 17.Feb.2010 14:49

Speaks Loud

2008 anti-war student walkout in Portland - proof of student solidarity and their leverage when they organize

2008 student power / solidarity
2008 student power / solidarity