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Rally & Lobby In Olympia Today

Rally on Capitol Steps At Noon
Today we're going to Olympia again, this time to press for increased revenue for progressive programs, NOT CUTS. Register this morning & attend workshops at St John's Episcopal Church, on Capitol Way a few blocks south of Capitol campus. Then rally on Capitol steps at noon. Then lobby with our legislators.

Whew! 15.Feb.2010 16:49

Den Mark, Vancouver

Tea-baggers had a rally at 10 & drew hundreds & hundreds. Then we took the Capitol steps at 12 & drew thousands & thousands, way too many for those steps, & we spilled over sideways & frontward. Many "interesting" interactions happened as the two rallies moved past each other. Whoa, many tea-baggers are hateful, men and women alike. Relatively few can actually conduct a discussion. As for mood, tea-baggers were all whining & complaining, while our side sang & danced & smiled, even at our most intense. Large recognizable contingents were students, teachers, union workers, & others. Intense day.