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Cry The Beloved Country, For Aaron Campbell & Family & North Portland,Or

Alan Paton Quote from Book and The above tited Movie,Re:Black male youth killing of affluent white man,in 1946, Johnnasaburg South Africa.
"For it is the dawn that has come as it has come for a thousand centeries,never failing.

"But when that dawn will come,of our emanicipation,from the fear of bondage and the bondage
of fear,why,that is a secret"

My heart goes out to the Mom whom lost 2 sons in one day. To the Family be strong.

Years ago during the premire of the above mentioned Movie, Current U.S. Sec of State Clinton attended,so as to tell the audience

as President Mandella's Presidential luncheon took place in his Back yard, he stood up and announced,
"that he had invited 3 of his prison guards to that lunch..that he had gotten to know them as men"

That,simple gesture,meant more to all of us than any great speech ever could have, about the importance he gave to forgiveness,to reconciliation,to building a future,than rehashing the past"

That human life should not be about dollars and cents,but the "VALUE"

The Campell Family ,needs space and guidence and all our prayers.
I am not even suggesting you forgive and forget,but build on a future,from what has happened to you and in the past.

And those of you ,you know whom you are, Former Sen. Avel Gordly, Joanne Bowman,Copwatch, Rev Haines,

Chief Sizer, Former Directer DPSST Minnis,Mayor Adams,Some of you are leaders, while some are the problem.

UNlike Officer Frashour whose "tunnel vision" was focused on a muscle mass,not knowing a police dog was also
advancing,was left with his only training,and no Sgt on a bullhorn, we can not keep"tunneling) focusing on the current set of Police policies and training,and marching around in circles in the streets,
A Drunk diswraught man could not have surely had good aim, even if he was armed.But that is now by the by.

So I am putting these Phone numbers out there to arm yourselfs,so you can go get yourself the funding you need for training facility's and a Decent new Director down at DPSST,Do not let the DEPT of Justice in DC tell you there is no
Obama sent troops to Haiti,Afaganastan,Bailed out a bunch of loser Bank CEO's,gave out car rebates,and house rebates, there is money some where in one of the below offices to help you help yourselfs.

While you are at it, File a federal civil rights complaints with the Washington Dept of Justice.Forget the Portland Office,I tried that..didnt work in 2003 2007 2008.
I personally Have had better luck with Washington D.C Branch.

U.S. Dept of Justice,C/o titles below and U.S. Attorney Eric Holder.
950 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington ,Dc 20530-0001 Main switchboard,202-514-2000

U.S. Deputy Director for Community Policing Development----------------------- 202514-5793
U.S.Office of Community Oriented Policing Services-----------------------------202-514-2301
U.S. Asst Director of Policy Support & Evaluation------------------------------202-514-2301
Asst Director of Training and Technical Support--------------------------------202-514-5786
Monitoring and Compliance------------------------------------------------------202-616-9419
Department of Justice Response Center------------------------------------------1-800-421-6770 answr machine is on.
(I just left the first starter message to get the ball rolling.)Offices re open on tuesday.

File complaint, Civil rights Complaint forms are on line at www.doj.gov to download

*enclude what happened,
*what you want from DOJ...investigation..."Tennesse v Gardner,And "under color of law statute"violations.
*then ask for money to be found to fund training and resources for a building, and teach a New Director to be DPSST .
not an ex cop.
*and operating sanctions ...

**An ask for a full investigation on Minnis(Former Director of DPSST) while you're at it, due to the tort claim of the sexual harreshment of his staff person.And why he wasnt able to get training time as Former Chief Foxworth and Chief Sizer will tell you was their main gripe of canceled Officer canidate trainings.
* ask that he not get retirement pers from state for the Director job he was forced to resign from.

Forget the State Attorney Generals Kroger investigation,he's suppose to look out for your tax dollars wasted on this skirt chasing fool, but he also represents the State employee's.

Please make a Better and Blesseded Community.

We have to save our young,so as to grow them up leaders to take our places,if we cant do that then those of us that know, know whats gonna happen.