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Pouring Gasoline on a Fire: Obama's Afghanistan escalationand the war on terrorism scam

"This spring and summer should (or could) bring a rising tide of protests against Obama's escalation of the US war in Afghanistan. Sending more US troops won't make anyone safer, won't help the Afghan people, and will needlessly risk the lives of US troops and Afghan civilians. The handful of Al-Qaeda militants haven't been in Afghanistan for years."
"The escalation is a continued waste of money, just welfare for defense contractors and corrupt Afghan officials and gangsters. Bombing villages to prop up a corrupt US-supported regime (which rigged the last election) is just pouring gasoline on a fire -- its fueling more fighting and a society-wide resort to violence. Looked at from an Afghan perspective, what would you do if a foreign power invaded your country, tried to impose a particular segment of local thugs on your village, and flew drones over your fields night and day? The Afghan war is the greatest recruiting tool for suicide bombers and religious fanatics who offer an alternative to US hegemony, no matter how repressive and terrifying it may be..."

to read PB Floyd's article from Slingshot 2010 #102, click on

homepage: homepage: http://www.freewebs.com/mbtranslations/
address: address: http://slingshot.tao.ca/displaybi.php?102001

Al Qaeda CIA connections, Able Danger, and Sibel Edmonds 14.Feb.2010 03:12

J.A. Simon

For a deeper understanding of this issue, go to the following website:  http://www.historycommons.org/

Once on this site, search: "Al Qaeda CIA connections", "Able Danger", and "Sibel Edmonds" in that order.