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Visionary Gallery Hosts An Alternative To Doom

When the world seems sour and as if 'Hope' was a joke that stopped being funny a long time ago, it can become a wildly radical act to enjoy one's life, to celebrate, seek inspiration and to laugh. Let it be known, that The City Repair Project and The Village Building Convergence are inviting you to play.
From March 4th to the 28th the artwork, installations, workshops and celebrations that will take place within the walls of Gallery # 101 shall officially become:
The Apathy Rehabilitation Place
There are many symptoms of Apathy and in March the ARP will address then all. For convenience, we have grouped common symptoms with proven effective treatments.

For those suffering from a variety we like to call: The Problems Are Too Big, So I'll Do Nothing About Them, we provide the following regimen.
On March 5th The ARP and Public Social University will collaborate to show how a group of homeless citizens created a village out of nothing, despite the insurmountable woes of public housing bureaucracy. The presentations and discussions around Dignity Village will leave you no longer capable of pretending that your attempts at life are futile.
On Sunday March 7th,City Repair and VBC participants from over 14 years of work and play will come together for the first time to tell their stories and provide examples of the undeniable potency in deciding that the world is yours for the claiming. Through the use of such simple tools as sidewalk chalk, cob benches and conversation, these citizen villagers have transformed their neighborhoods into the sort of colorful, expressive and enchanting places that everyone from Dr. Seuss to Abraham Lincoln could be proud of.

A second variety of Apathy we like to call: Sure It's Terrible, But That's Just The Way That It Is. Our advanced remediation techniques used to combat this especially pervasive and aggressive form have also been shown to dramatically decrease chronic self medication through television, ice cream and pornography.
Beginning on Thursday March 4th with a Puppet Show Entitled Dance at the Crossroads and continuing through Saturday the 27th with Imagination Reclamation; Coming to Our Senses we ask you to exercise the muscle of your imagination. Through the use of tactile participation and the enchanting quality of storytelling, we help you to temporarily suspend your belief in 'reality' and reintroduce yourself to the depth of bodily experience! Both of these exercises will leave you speechless, wondering how long has it been since I've played make believe? We help to empower a little known truth which is that make-believe leads to make - real.

A third and dangerous Apathy cluster is the all-too-common: But What Can I Do About It?
Throughout March, the ARP will offer numerous workshops, events and display a full exhibit of City Repair's success in treating Apathy for the past 14 years. Coming to the ARP for just one of our many scheduled treatments can put the revolutionary tools into your hands. Really? Yes! Become a partner in health with your community by learning how to build a fort with your own bedsheets, get rid of trash and make soil with worms, send letters of hope to strangers, upcycle your junk, get free starts for your garden, or just sip tea in a sublime tea house made from would be trash while celebrating a radical new year with new friends! We are proud to offer these life altering, world shattering injections of joy, tell yourself, tell your friends and begin your Rehabilitation!

Warning: The treatments provided at the ARP are extraordinarily effective and should only be consumed by those with a serious desire for the sensation of being Alive.

For the many offerings of the ARP, please check the schedule of treatments at:
www.cityrepair.org Look under 'Public Events'

homepage: homepage: http://www.cityrepair.org
phone: phone: 503.568.0082