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Portland Indymedia Web Radio is looking for New Shows!

Portland Indymedia is looking to add to it's already stellar line up of show. Have a show idea? Maybe it's time to make that idea a reality.

Portland Indymedia is looking to add to it's already stellar line up of show. Have a show idea? Maybe it's time to make that idea a reality.

Do you have a radio show show idea that you've always wanted to do but weren't sure how to get started or thought that it would cost too much? Portland Indymedia has radio times open in our schedule and is looking for people who want their own radio show and are social justice minded. Here's the schedule with current shows and times.

Monday - 1,2,3 Who Cares airs 9pm to 10pm Tuesday - maximum Damage airs 10pm to 11pm Wednesday - OPEN Thursday - The Naked Diablo airs 7pm to 9pm

Friday - Sex Positive airs 7pm to 8pm and Foxfire Radio airs 8pm to 10pm Saturday and Sunday are OPEN.

Look at all the opportunities!!! To get involved it's easy come to any Saturday meeting at the Red and Black Cafe 400 se 12th ave and let us know your interested. We'll get started from there, just remember that Portland Indymedia is Social Justice based news site and your show should have some element of that.

If your interested but need some ideas, below you will find show descriptions and links to content. Be the Media!!!

Foxfire Radio

Politically charged conversation, radical/anarcha perspective, interviews with local musicians and other people doing amazing things with their time, and plenty of music. Listen for weekly sound propogation and write to us if you have something to share and want to be on the show. "Society is like a stew; if you don't stir things up every once in a while then a layer of scum floats to the top." -edward abbey

Show from 02-05-2010 - We played just about every song that mentions a bike that we know. What can we say, we love bicycles!

Sex Positive

Radical feminist perspectives on sex, relationships, and the politics that surround intimacy. We will explore and discuss issues of sexuality and relationships in a safe and open forum with real feminist-activists. Call in your questions/comments during show time at (503) 477-6887 or e-mail us at sexpositive @ riseup.net

Show from 02-05-2010 - Oh my...we talked about kink, consent, poly relationships and what stuff means. Listen up cause we love you....

The Naked Diablo

Exposing people's passions and rolling with it

Show from 02-04-2010 - Didgeridoo guest pedro and tommy k synced their musical skills with a little tango.... listen in and comment on our facebook page 'naked diablo'

123 Who Cares?!

An Anarchist Critique of Liberalism

Show from 02-08-2010 - crass mechanistic materialism is the sexmagick.

Maximum Damage

Maximum Damage to them with Minimum Damage to us. Music and talk of Revolution

Show from 02-04-2010 - H. RAP BROWN

If you want to just interact with one of the show you can call in at 503-477-6887 or IM with the call sign PORTLANDIMCRADIO