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Protest police shooting of unarmed black man! 10 am, Thurs 02.02, Justice Center

Portland police are out of control. The lack of oversight and accountibility is killing us.
News Conference, Picket Line from Justice Center to County Courthouse

Thursday, February 11, 10:00 AM

Members of the Albina Ministerial Alliance (AMA), other concerned organizations, and the community at large who are outraged at the death of Aaron Campbell by a police assault rifle in late January, will gather at 10:00 AM on Thursday, February 11 at the west front steps of the Justice Center on SW 3rd Avenue in Portland to present community demands related to the case. From there, the group expects to hold a picket line around the Multnomah County Courthouse on SW 4th Avenue in support of an indictment for Officer Ronald Frashour who, in the words of Portland Police Association President Scott Westerman, "shot an unarmed black guy running away from us."

The AMA took the lead in organizing protests after the killings of Kendra James (2003) and James Jahar Perez (2004), and the tasering of 15-year-old Sir Millage (2006), and more recently in the "beanbag" shooting of a 12-year-old girl at a MAX platform (2009). They have also stood shoulder to shoulder with the Justice for Jose Mejia Poot Justice Committee (2001) and the Mental Health Association of Portland in efforts on the James Chasse case.

For more information contact Dr. LeRoy Haynes of the AMA at Allen Temple, 503-287-0261.

homepage: homepage: http://www.mentalhealthportland.org

reapeat offender 11.Feb.2010 08:49

read it

criminally negligent homicide ?

this is the same cop that was involved in another "bad deed" done by the police
i just read it the other day
but this is not the first time this cop has failed this city

willamette week reports that Rev. Al Sharpton is considering coming to portland over this incident-- ???

as noted earlier that this is the third unarmed civilian shot in the back by portland police in 5 years
(Raymond Gwerder/Nov 2005/died, Lesley Paul Stewart/Aug 2007/lived)

Frashour is the officer who zapped Frank Waterhouse with a taser, simultaneously while another officer hit Waterhouse with a "beanbag", because Waterhouse, mistaken for a suspected jaywalker, had a camcorder that Frashour claimed could have been used as a weapon.

the city paid Mr. Waterhouse $55,000 which he was awarded by a jury last September, though he was only seeking $30,000 in damages. Chief Sizer, in open court, criticized the two officers in the Waterhouse case for failing to make a plan and using two less-lethal weapons at the same time.

Video coming soon 11.Feb.2010 12:41

joe anybody ((( i ))) iam@joe-anybody.com

At least 60 - 70 people (estimated) show up on the steps of the Justice center in solidarity for the public press release...

"injustice to anyone is injustice to us all" was inscribed on the wall overhead, and was duly pointed out

30 minutes of video was recorded from various preachers and community leaders by myself and others
All the public comments were for call on "police accountability" and justice from the city of Portland

The group then marched to city hall (I was unable film this part)
The speeches were powerful and demanding

The city leadership better hear this cry from the people of this city who are "still alive" to tell it
The man who was shot by the police (Aaron Campbell) was unarmed and now he is dead
...is that OK with the city? ... The police seem to see no problem with it?

Tell me I am wrong, then prove it?