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Little Beirut Welcomes Karl Rove

Break out the welcome party
Karl comes to Little Beirut this evening
The protest starts an hour before the event
LOCATION of protest:
 http://tinyurl.com/yz3grm2 (map)

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
1037 SW Broadway-Portland Oregon


text from the frontline 10.Feb.2010 21:36

Joe Anybody

Breaking news reposted here
Text Messages
February 10
8:35PM PST: PIMCJoeanybody is leaving the scene. 1 of the horse cops was the 1 who took his camera last year
8:33PM PST: PDX: No popo outside . Just 10 activist milling around
8:32PM PST: PDX: Horses left the scene
8:28PM PST: PDX: When insiders speak out . . The crowd booos
8:28PM PST: PDX: Another activist just got kicked out
8:27PM PST: PDX: 12 activist . . 4 horses . 2more horses around corner
8:26PM PST: PDX: Lots of security inside i was told
8:26PM PST: PDX: 5 activist kicked out from inside
8:25PM PST: PDX: 4 horse cops staring at 25 protesters out front
8:25PM PST: PDX: Horses out in front now
7:37PM PST: PDX: 2 popo leaving
7:37PM PST: PDX: Clay ansary is bull horning across street
7:36PM PST: PDX: Most of patrons are now inside . 25 activists still here
7:35PM PST: PDX: Protesters getting louder
7:35PM PST: PDX: 1/2 dozen protesters are inside . . They Paid to go inside
7:34PM PST: PDX: Seen only one corporate news camera earlier
7:31PM PST: PDX: Close to 60 activists here
7:31PM PST: PDX: Protesters lined up out front . . Popo off to each side out of way . . mellow
7:30PM PST: PDX: Lots of flyers being handed out
7:29PM PST: PDX: Close to 50 protesters out front on sidewalk
4:54PM PST: PDX: Police contacted a protester (by phone @ his home) about tonight's 6pm protest of Karl Rove's appearance at the Arlene Schnitzer Hall

10:52AM PST: PDX Heads Up: Karl Rove in town, 6pm, Arlene Schnitzer!!!


Video Clip #1 11.Feb.2010 21:45

Joe Anybody


not sure how many clips there will be
but here is the first one


Video clip #2 13.Feb.2010 19:45

Joe Anybody

Karl rove dean protest on 2.10.10

Here is protest video #2

I have clips #3 and 4 coming soon

# 3 13.Feb.2010 23:10

video clip


Clip #3 from karl rove protest in Portland

#4 13.Feb.2010 23:27

Joe Anybody

from the karl rove event part 4

(4)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM4lgbAoW9g

epilogue VIDEO 14.Feb.2010 00:13

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

the last of this video set from the karl * dean protest
5 clips in total


rove/dean Follow Up Report: VIDEO 14.Feb.2010 14:00

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

The next day I filmed a 6 minute follow up report from Barbara who was at the ant-torture protest at pioneer courthouse when I filmed this. Barbra was inside durring the rove protest the previous night.