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Visiting Bestselling Author To Speak on "One Dharma" at New Renaissance Bookshop March 20
Bestselling Jewish American author Gary Gach will be be presenting a talk, ONE DHARMA : What All Buddhists Believe (& Why They're All Smiling) Sat. March 20, 2010 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm New Renaissance Bookshop 1338 Northwest 23rd Avenue Portland, OR 97210-2602 (503) 224-4929 Buddhism is one of the world's fastest-growing spiritual traditions. One in eight Americans polled affirm its positive influence in their daily lives. Join best-selling San Francisco author Gary Gach as he introduces the basics of the Way, the theoretical and the practical, the sacred and the mundane. In so doing, he will clarify the forest for the trees. Gach has pioneered an equable treatment of Insight Meditation, Zen, Pure Land, and Tibetan Buddhism in his Complete Idiot's Guide to Buddhism* (now newly updated and thoroughly revised for a third edition). His talk will underscore the diversity of human nature, the unity of religion and poetry and, as well, the unity of different schools of Buddhism, with emphasis on their evolution in the West, and newly evolving American Buddhiust culture. The recognition of a commonality to these diverse traditions may represent the first unfolding of a petals of the Lotus in a thousand years. Learning about this enduring, universal art of happiness, you might discover you're a little Buddhist yourself, without even knowing it ? & why the Buddha is smiling, even today. * Peter Clothier recently favorably reviewed the book in Huffington Post : http://digg.com/d31H3vk Gary Gach has been a student of Buddhism for over 40 years. He is also editor of What Book!? Buddha Poems from Beat to Hiphop (American Book Award), translator of three books by Ko Un, Korea's unofficial poet laureate, and has published in dozens of anthologies and hundreds of magazines (American Poetry Review, A Book of Luminous Things, Brick, BuddhaDharma, Evergreen Review, Harvard Divinity Bulletin, In These Times, Language for a New Century, The Nation, The New Yorker, Yoga Journal, etc.) His work has been translated into Arabic, Czech, Chinese, French, Greek, Italian, and Russian. He hosts Haiku Corner at http://community.Tricycle.com. He teaches mindfulness meditation in San Francisco at the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples, America's first interacial interfaith congregation. To view Gach presenting Free Nirvana, with Q&A: http://fora.tv/2009/07/28/The_Complete_Idiots_Guide_to_Buddhism_Gary_Gach) MAY ALL BEINGS BE WELL

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