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Demo at Ungar Furs report back

This winter has seen a decline in active protesters outside of Portland's last fur store at the same time as an increase in seasonal shopping for fur coats. This past week however brought the spirit of resistance back to life for me as I saw many friends and comrades showing solidarity for the countless victims of animal torture.
Last week registered a high mark for Portland's anti-fur efforts. Numerous people showed up in protest to the corner of SW 12th and Yamhill, where voices echoed throughout downtown bringing the message that UNGAR FURS REMAINS A THREAT TO CAGED ANIMALS ON FACTORY FARMS. Customers to the fur store were informed of the immense cruelty that takes place in remote areas where the secretive fur industry hides it's bloody practices (indiscriminate trapping of wildlife, anally electrocuting animals and skinning them alive, etc). Industry lies were washed away as protesters spoke the truth about fur to anyone willing to listen. The energy was positive and powerful and I hope to see more of this as the campaign moves on, always forward, never backing down from the horrible fur industry.
See you there!

Those who cannot come to the weekly rally on Fridays are encouraged to drop by for regular Monday and Wednesday store demos (1pm-5pm). Right now animals are suffering in steel-jaw leghold traps, waiting for compassionate humyns to act up and stop their torture and murder. Please make some time for this event.

Rally at Ungar Furs, SW 12th and Yamhill, every Friday 1-5pm.