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Radical Botany: Skillshare - Spring plants in Cascadia - Nettles and the potherb

It is the time of year to begin harvesting in the wild. Spring tonic plants are available due to our warm winter weather. Also, plants used for basketry and fiber are available. Go out in the woods and connect!

here a number of native plants that are very important to health, nutrition and ecosystem support. This is the time of year to start looking for basket-making plants.

Nutritional - Medicinal

There were a number of plants that were known by First-peoples of Cascadia that helped humans survive starvation and nutritional imbalance. Know by Europeans as "Spring tonic" plants, these plants with their new shoots are full of nutrients that are helpful to our well being. For instance- stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) when picked young, can be steamed and eaten in February and March. This plant has been known to alleviate muscle pain, depression and tiredness. Because of the unusually warm weather this winter in Cascadia, I have already begun to harvest young Stinging Nettle. Stinging nettle is often found in semi-wet well drained areas. The plant is often found near Horse Tail (Equisetum arvense).
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