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Independent media reporter rejected at border, detained by border agents & denied contact!

Martin Macias Jr., an independent media reporter from Chicago travelling
to cover the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver BC, has been rejected by
Canadian border agents and held without outside contact for at least 7
hours (as of 9pm) today.
For immediate release - Saturday, February 6, 2010

Macias arrived in Vancouver from Chicago (via Minneapolis) on a 11:30am
Delta Airlines flight on Saturday, February 6, 2010. He was detained for
hours by Canada Border Services agents in the Vancouver International
Airport and questioned about his plans during the Olympics. Ultimately he
was refused entry to Canada. He was then put on an Alaskan Airlines flight
to the Seattle / Tacoma Airport (departing at 2:40pm). As of 9pm he had
not been able to contact legal counsel or his travelling companion since
before his rejection at the border. The information on his rejection was
only made available through the US Consulate. It is routine for people
rejected at the border to be interrogated by both Canadian and US border
agents; he may well still be detained for questioning in the USA at this

Although he is entitled to a phone call and legal counsel, nothing has
been heard from Macias since about 2pm when he still expected to be able
to enter Canada as planned.

Martin was travelling to Vancouver for political events during the Olympic
Resistance Network anti-Olympic convergence and to document the effects of
the Winter Olympics on the communities of Vancouver. He was to leave
Vancouver for the USA on Feb. 11. He was travelling with political
organizer Bob Quellos of No Games Chicago, who was allowed to enter
Canada. They were both to be picked up by Chris Shaw, a member of the
Olympic Resistance Network, local Olympic critic, and author of 'The Five
Ring Circus' who himself has been questioned and detained when travelling
to a sports conference in the UK and repeatedly approached by members of
the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit (Olympic policing body)
regarding his political activities. Canadian border agents, police, and
intelligence units have been actively surveilling, questioning and
harassing opponents of the Olympic Games (and their associates and
families) for years. Media, such as Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, have
been subject to questioning and increased scrutiny as well.

Macias (20 years old) was a leading member of No Games Chicago - which
successfully opposed Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics. He is a
youth organizer for the Chicago Environmental Justice Coalition, and
Comite 10 de marzo, an immigrant rights organization. He is also a media
reform activist with community radio station Radio Arte where he serves as
the host/producer of First Voice, a radio news zine. He has covered the
2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver, Power Shift 2009 in
Washington D.C., and local social justice issues in his community. He
chairs the Peace Committee at the National Museum of Mexican Art. Macias
can normally be reached through  reclaimtheearth@gmail.com.

Independent media, activists and opponents of the Olympics are gathering
in Vancouver for the Feb. 10-15 anti-Olympic convergence organized by the
Olympic Resistance Network. It begins with a two-day conference (Feb.
10-11) and a mass protest and march on the day of the opening ceremonies
('Take Back Our City,' 3pm Friday, Feb. 12 beginning at the Vancouver Art
Gallery) organized by the 2010 Welcoming Committee, and continues with
three days of political events and demonstrations. Visitors have been
subject to interrogations, detention, and rejection at the Canadian border
repeatedly and members of the Olympic Resistance Network have been
interrogated at the US border and denied entry to the USA for speaking

Media Contacts:

Bob Quellos: 773-531-2341
Chris Shaw: 604-710-8291

Crossing the border into Canada:

homepage: homepage: http://olympicresistance.net/

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