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Medics, Mediators, Cooks etc. still needed for EARTH FIRST! OC/WR in SB Feb. 11-15!!!

This is a quick shout-out to let everyone know that the EARTH FIRST! Organizers' Conference and Winter Rendezvous is still happening next week in Santa Barbara. All are invited, but people with skills are especially needed to come down and help make this party a reality. The OC is Feb 11-13 and the WR is the 13-15. Check out more info at  http://2010oc.org.

This upcoming week EARTH FIRST! and similarly minded affinity groups from all across the continent are proud to bring you the 2010 Organizers' Conference (OC) and Winter Rendezvous (WR)! If you have been to such a thing before you already know how much fun it will be. There will be skillshares, discussion forums, plant walks, live music, FREE VEGAN FOOD at least twice a day, storytelling, partying, rabble-rousing etc.

Many fun earth loving friends are still needed to come and help us make this party a reality. In particular we need commitments from medics and people trained in medical skills, but folks are also needed to help with the mediation team, to dig shitters, work security, cook meals, play music, facilitate workshops, etc. Whatever your skill set may be, it is surely needed here.

Supplies are still badly needed also. Among our needs are firewood, hand sanitizer, BEER and other spirits, FOOD of all kinds (free is the best kind), condoms, pads, tampons, painkillers, TARPS, ROPE, climbing gear of all kinds, utensils, bowls, inhalers,epipen, iodine, bandaids, benadryl, splints, gauze, tea tree oil and other first aid supplies. More cars are also needed to bring participants and/or supplies to/from the site. If you have any of this stuff please contact organizers immediately at  EFinSB@gmail.com.

PLEASE COME TO THIS PARTY! The Organizers' Conference portion will occur from Feb 11-13 and the Winter Rendezvous portion from Feb 13-15th. For details on where it is, what to bring and other valuable information, check out 2010oc.org.

thanks for reading this, and may the forest bewitch you. hope to see y'all in Santa Barbara!


homepage: homepage: http://2010oc.org
address: address: Spirit Pine Sanctuary, Santa Barbara