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Fair Elections Now

--above the Fair Elections Now Act, which would cut corporations out of the election and legislative processes.

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Any and all bickering between people on the right and left is irrelevant until we kick corporations the fuck out of our legislative process. The country has been pushed so far in each direction that we're meeting somewhere completely off the political spectrum (an alternate universe, perhaps, where the People actually matter). Have you noticed the growing numbers of and similarities between Dennis Kucinich type supporters and Ron Paul type supporters? Tea Partiers on the right and grass roots activists on the left essentially have the same complaints, and the big one, the most important one, shit...the only one that matters right now is this one. Scream all you want about health care, the wars, whatever. The voice for democracy, real democracy, is silent until we take action on this issue. The best legislative solution I've seen so far is the Fair Elections Now Act, which would allegedly limit campaign contributions to individuals--and even those would cap at $100. You can track each version of the bill in the House and Senate to keep up on any developments. The problem with this bill is that it's a bill. It's going to sit in the small committees phase and never be talked about again unless we demand action on it. You could send an e-letter to your representative, but the impact of that is minimal. Calling your representative is a little bit better, but in my opinion the best action we can take is mobilizing and going directly to the offices of our representatives. And screw a permit or a police escort. I've been in Portland, OR for 5 months now, and, although I'm baffled by the city's attention on animal rather than human rights, the dedication to activism here has been inspiring. There were activists out in front of a fur store here literally almost every single day until they were forced to close down because of the "extremist protesters." This is the type of action we need to take initiative with, but instead make our local officials the target. We cannot simply wait for the bill to pass or wait for other people to organize. It is on each of us individually to find others in our respective communities who support this movement and to put it into action. If you're looking for help on getting started, here is an activist toolkit. I'm not sure yet where I'll be this spring/summer, but I'll be looking to organize in the Portland, Minneapolis, and Southwest Michigan areas, so contact me at Santos@above-thefold.com if you want to be involved or even if you just have news on this topic you'd like us to post about.


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