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Books to Prisoners needs help!

Hey Everyone,
Books to Prisoners needs your help. We are broke and need money to send our packages out to prisoners. But there's some good news! Someone has made us an offer that may not be repeated:

A family foundation is offering 2:1 matching funds for any donations to BTP for the next 2 months. That means if someone donates $100, the foundation will give an additional $200.
So please, please; if you have anything to spare at all, now is the time. Ideally, we would prefer to have checks, but we will sure take cash!

Please make checks out to:

Portland Books to Prisoners
and send them to:
PO Box 11222
Portland, OR 97211

Or, bring any donations to our workspace at: 1112 NE Morton St., on any Monday or Tuesday evening from 5-8pm.

Of course, all donations to Portland Books to Prisoners are tax deductible, just let us know if you want a receipt. Please help us to help those behind bars.


The Crew at Portland Books to Prisoners

homepage: homepage: http://pdxbookstoprisoners.org