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Obama's Advisors Benefit From $8 Billion Rail Stimulus

Obama's advisors have a personal stake in the rail business.
When people asked the guy who Obama called a "financial advisor" during the campaign - and who is a Goldman Sachs stakeholder - Warren Buffet, why he went out and bought Burlington Northern, whose revenues were way down, he said it was because he always like railroad trains as a kid. How could we be not realize the the fix was already in for the insider's insider? Look who benefits from Obama's $8 billion rail grant:

"Freight railroads, which own much of the rail infrastructure outside the Northeast, would also play a key role in facilitating high-speed. The biggest freight lines include CSX Corp, Union Pacific Corp, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp, and Norfolk Southern Corp."

If that's not enough, who can forget this about that FOX News fighter and Obama defender, Jeffrey Immelt?

"Feb 6, 2009 ... President Barack Obama has named Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of NBC Universal parent GE, to his new economic advisory board."

It's not hard to guess who else benefits from Obama's $8 billion giveaway:

"Other companies that could factor in new U.S. rail investment include steelmakers and construction firms as well as locomotive manufacturer and equipment supplier GE Transportation, a unit of GENERAL ELECTRIC, CO"

This is a looting political crony system that just won't quit. More and more taxpayers' tithing money just keeps pouring in for "All the President's Men".

homepage: homepage: http://www.businessinsider.com/americas-new-high-speed-rails-will-be-built-by-china-2010-1

Good afternoon Trever 05.Feb.2010 15:37

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

You've pointed out an important issue with our system of government. Do you have a solution?

We've invested trillions of dollars in freeways, and automobile infrastructure. Infrastructure that requires frequent replacement, and requires that we carry its power source with us. Switching much of our transportation system to rail, is the next logical step, in the face of unstable fuel prices. Now, how much of this money is being transferred directly into a non-producer's pocket is the issue. Croneyism is the nature of capitalistic democracy. Those that are wealthy, can buy whatever government they desire, thus increasing their wealth, etc. This is not a republicrat/demolican issue. This is an issue of the corporate/government revolving door.

Whether it was a McCain decision, and the money went to Blackwater, or an Obama decision, and to Warren Buffett, either way, the results are the same. The result, is you owe more to them. This kind of issue, will eventually lead to the end of the United States as we know it. When the wealth gap achieves such a huge disparity, resentment grows. Slowly, people are looking away from their televisions, tuning out the disinformation, and "info-tainment" and realizing what is being done to them. Corporations own all things, they are merely being leased to you. The interest rate is quite high.

What will happen, is that we'll get a $1bn rail system, for the low, low price of $8bn of your childrens wealth.

Yes I have a solution. 06.Feb.2010 22:12


Locally controlled transportation such as walking, horse-drawn buggies, bicycles and golf carts. Not, trains/light rail which are centralized.