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US builds up its bases in oil-rich South America

From the Caribbean to Brazil, political opposition to US plans for 'full-spectrum operations' is escalating rapidly
Summary: "The United States is massively building up its potential for nuclear and non-nuclear strikes in Latin America and the Caribbean by acquiring unprecedented freedom of action in seven new military, naval and air bases in Colombia. The development - and the reaction of Latin American leaders to it - is further exacerbating America's already fractured relationship with much of the continent."

 link to www.independent.co.uk

Paz Base 04.Feb.2010 00:25


support peace bases - not military bases

 link to www.turkishweekly.net

(article *notice spin of right wing media)

(a picture)

Peace base? 05.Feb.2010 00:08


Nice euphemism there. Tell me why you need to use the spin of the right wing press you post to describe it?