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Attack On Vancouver 2010 Possible

Of course, the non-existent al qaeda will be blamed, but the real al CIAduh will be partially responsible for possible future events.
Attack On Vancouver 2010 Possible

Of course, the non-existent al qaeda will be blamed, but the real al CIAduh will be partially responsible for possible future events.

It is highly likely that the colonial government of so-called Canada will stage a black ops terrorist attack during the winter Olympics to be held on stolen Indigenous land, starting on February 12.
With the increasing security crackdown on Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver), the government will have an "excuse" to enact more laws to bring on full martial law, after a terrorist attack in Whistler. What better way for petty dictator Harper to sneak the empire into the North American Union, under U.S. authority.

Recently, the Colonial Bullshit Channel (CBC), and other colonial media underwent a frenzied mode reporting the theft of two tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate, which is an ingredient in making explosives. The fertilizer was taken from an undisclosed facility in the greater Vancouver area. The company, Kinder Morgan, which was storing the Ammonium Nitrate, was recently purchased by The Carlyle Group, AIG, Goldman Sachs, and other investors for $U.S.22 billion.

It was well over one month before Kinder Morgan reported the disappearance of the fertilizer, and it was after a week of investigation that the company claimed that a clerical error had been made. The company also said that they were only one company involved in the handling of the fertilizer shipments. The Queen's Cowboys conducted the investigation and they could not confirm that the fertlizer was actually accounted for. The colonial federales are attempting to locate the trucking companies invovled in the hauling of the fertilizer, and the 250 truckloads that Kinder Morgan said were sent to Dyno Nobel for packaging.

The colonial medias are reporting, ad nauseum, that the Afghan Resistance Guerrillas are using Ammonium Nitrate for roadside bombs and other explosives. When the U.S. government bombed the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, they only used one ton of Ammonium Nitrate.
Apparently, a Canadian government agency has possession of the two tonnes of fertilizer, which is enough to cause severe damage at Whistler and other designated targets. Only people in governmental authority would have the ability to steal the fertilizer.
Ammonium Nitrate not accounted for.
Kinder Morgans' $22 billion sale.
"al Qaeda" responsible for Ammonium Nitrate bombings
Karzai attempts to make Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer illegal

As usual, before any "al qaeda terrorist attack(s), the real al CIAduh releases one or more faked video and audio messages from Osama bin Laden, such as the one that praised the Detroit underwear bomber, or the one that criticizes the West for not doing enough to stop carbon emissions and global warming.
Osama bin Laden, just in the nick of time.

Not too long ago, Stephen Harper, prince of the colonial realm, prorogued the colonial parliament, a process where government is suspended to enable them to secretly pass new legislation, and where all governmental authority is in the hands of Harper, at least until after the conclusion of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Harper also reserves the right to shoot down any aircraft that may be hijacked by terrorists.
Ironically, this is similar to when Dick Cheney ordered all U.S. air defenses within range of the "hijacked planes" to stand down, with the exception of the plane that was shot down over Pennsylvania.
Cheney also denied the request to shoot down the missile that hit the Pentagon.