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Get Ready For A Giant ‘Ukraine Election Theft!!!’ Psyop On Monday!

All the pieces seem to be in place:

«The Georgians were to "interfere in the electoral process... with an aim to change the outcome of the elections and disrupt the vote," party member Mykola Azarov told a news conference on Saturday.

«Ukraine's central election body had earlier refused to register over 3,000 observers, sent by Georgia to Sunday's presidential polls, citing the absence of necessary documents. The number of monitors from the Caucasus state exceeded the total number of observers sent by other states and international organizations.

«A source in the Georgian opposition told RIA Novosti the visitors were related to Georgian special services and the military.

«"The vast majority of them are servicemen. Some have identity documents with other names, almost all had undergone special training and have close-combat skills," the source said.

«He said they were to receive bonuses ranging from $20,000 to $32,000.»
— Global Research, January 17, 2010. —
"Ukraine's Opposition Worried by Inflow of "Athletic" Georgian Men" —
«"If we don't take into account the legal side of the issue, it's necessary to point to the anomalous number of Georgian official observers that were proposed for registration - over 2,000 people [looks like about 3000 Georgian commandos!]," Okhendovsky said.

«He said that all other foreign states had submitted only 276 observers for registration and the CEC had registered all of them. In particular, the commission registered 96 observers from Poland, 73 from the United States, 39 from Russia, 11 from Germany and three from France.

«"The real tasks facing those continuing to claim their registration as Georgian observers should undoubtedly become a subject of checks by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). Mykhailo Brodsky's statement could be evidence of attempts by a foreign state to interfere in Ukraine's domestic affairs," Okhendovsky said.»
— Kyiv Post, January 16,2010 — "SBU should clarify true goals of unregistered Georgian observers" —


So what does this all mean? What I think it means is that I get to predict that if the CIA's baby brother NED, and it's Georgian special forces friends fail to sway tomorow's Ukraine election from former premier Viktor Yanukovych toward pro-Western incumbent Viktor Yushchenko, they will foment "spontaneous" protests, and US activists will be exhorted to demonstrate on behalf of the Yushenko "phreedom fighters." It will be a sad spectacle indeed, closely resembling the "spontaneous" demonstrations over the supposedly wicked Iran elections.

Of course, if we protested the recent Massachusetts Senate election, which was conducted via easily hacked private computers, we would get bloodied and jailed. Democracy: what a wondrous thing!