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AR Folks PLEASE Chill Out

I know death is a scary and upsetting subject for most people. Emotions run high and people get confused about things. Especially under such strange and disturbing circumstances as the recent self immolation.
But in your search for meaning in this please be careful with your allies and comrades feelings. We're receiving a high volume of complaints from people who've had their feelings hurt and are expressing frustration with open publishing. Even worse than that, people are complaining that they are feeling discouraged from being a part of the struggle for animal rights (on all sides of the opinion spectrum on this issue).
So take a deep breath. Take some time to reflect. Really focus on prioritizing what's important here. Be patient, don't take or give flame bait, and don't be quick to judge each others' reactions to this so harshly(even if your comrade is being mean right now, they'll get over it).

...and it's not our fault ok, we just provide your website so that you can publish the news articles that you wrote. All admin decisions can be challenged by emailing  imc-portland-requests@lists.indymedia.org or at our open meetings Saturday 5ishpm at Red & Black Cafe 400 se 12th (& Oak)