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According to Kansas corporate media, father says Daniel Shaull was talked into "stunt"

Here's some news. Apparently, Daniel Shaull's father, Warren, is telling the Kansas corporate media that he feels that animal rights activists must have talked Daniel Shaull into lighting himself on fire outside Unger furs.
When told that the police pepper sprayed his burning son, instead of putting out the fire with an extinguisher as we were all initially told, Warren Shaull said he "did not blame police at all." Instead, he blames AR activists who had never even met Shaull.

 link to www.ksn.com

Wow. Poor Daniel. With a father like that, no wonder he was suffering.

And I no longer believe anything this piece of shit man says about any of this.

According to the article... 29.Jan.2010 22:45


He wants the police to continue to investigate the possibility that someone put Daniel up to this, but he doesn't give a shit that the cops pepper sprayed his son while he was burning to death.

Things must have been so hard for poor Daniel.

I just keep thinking about his last words. "I hope somebody loves me."

4533255 30.Jan.2010 10:09


if someone did convince him to take this action, chances are it was a cop, not an activist.

Someone in AR has this kind of power! 30.Jan.2010 11:06


If someone in the AR movement has the ability to convince someone else to set themselves on fire for the cause, they need to be directing that amazing power to getting the fur industry to self destruct. This statement by Daniel's father only highlights the incredible distance between him and his son and I imagine he would like to find anyone besides himself to blame. Guilt is a terrible burden, especially when it too late to make amends.

He had 30.Jan.2010 11:08

Warren sucks

been in Portland for 5 days.

So daddy dearest believes that in 5 days someone got ahold of his son, and had more influence than 26 years of togetherness with his own father could do.

I firmly believe that the father is trying to deal with his grief and guilt over his sorry lack of parenting (the son's final words are instructive) by looking for a scapegoat, no matter how ridiculous.

Often I think that the way that kids turn out is independent of parenting, but in this case, the father's actions and words are telling as to how isolated poor Daniel must have felt growing up.

Pops never was happy 30.Jan.2010 11:45

I bet

Pops probably never liked his sons interest in animal rights.

And Pops probably blames the organizing/activism animal rights for their general influence.

Then his blame morphs into "I never liked them animal folks to start with ...and look what "they did" to my poor boy to get him to act out"

I agree.....Warren Shaull sucks! 30.Jan.2010 13:21


What did Daniel's dad say to him Wednesday morning when Daniel called and asked for a sleeping bag? That was just a few hours before Daniel lit himself on fire. Someone should investigate that. If you knew your son was suicidal when he left town, then why did you let him leave? Why did his family not help him? I think his family and friends should be questioned so we can see the whole picture. They also need to interview Teen Mission and find out why he was directed towards Portland Rescue Mission. Portland Rescue Mission needs to be investigated. THE POLICE need to be investigated. There is just so much left out that we still don't know about. Can somebody in Kansas interview his family and friends? AARRGGG!

anyone know anything about Mission Teen? 30.Jan.2010 13:58


They're the ones who kicked Daniel out onto the street. His dad talked to him the morning he killed himself. Maybe dad ought to be looking towards Mission Teen and himself for why his son felt so alone.

I can understand identifying with the animals, who are abused and unloved, when that's what you experience in your own life.

Desperation 30.Jan.2010 17:28


It's very common for parents who feel that they have (often because they have) failed at providing the love and protection and security to their children to look anywhere else but in the mirror when needing to find blame for any kind of behavior of their child that may be deemed as challenging. This is a classic example, and heartbreaking as it is, this is natural. (My own mother did not come around until I was 30 years old... difference is that I'm still alive).

Truth be known, I doubt this will go anywhere. Nobody knew him. I wish we had known him, so we could have helped him to see that people do care and that he wasn't alone. His dad cant know this because he is not here.

I personally think that there should be a vigil, and notes, flowers, and other things of beauty placed in front of Ungar Furs to serve as a reminder that we all carry with us the weight of the world, but we cannot do it alone.


Redress of grievances 30.Jan.2010 01:46

Vegan Cabal

sounds like my Dad's trust in the system and persecution of anything critical of capitalist tradition and the nuclear family normative. From Warren's initial statement that this wasn't a political action we could take the hint that he, like most American fathers, lost time getting to know his son because adherence to the capitalist (dis)order means survival, retirement, "social security".

When the cops give us an obvious reason we must respond. How are po-lice, or parents so detached from a sense of empathy to see suffering and not respond with compassion? Warren would do well to investigate the situation of systemic abuse of animals, his son probably wanted to show him, as I tried for my dad, and he probably shit on the sentiment as a "weak" ideology like mine did.

Love is the way of strength.

That gives him no credibility for me, yet the worthless Feds might intend to pursue those fantasies for appeasement of "his loss". I see the vegan community here lost an unknown ally because dominion aligned predators like that cop and the 75% Christian demographic of America desire business as usual for security, to push the reality of suffering that feeds and clothes them further from awareness.

Really, my father dying would reduce the participants of meat, leather, dairy and vivisection industry by one, not a loss to the greater good, and Warren Shaull reminds me of my dad significantly. Sometimes extremism gives us in a single action what decades of symbolic actions don't achieve, though all tactics are there for people with different-abledness and willingness.

Our speciesist war rages on and resistance allied with nonhumyns and eARTh is gaining traction. I want to rally to honor the humyn casualties in the struggle and protest disgusting abuse of power of that sadist spraying pepper spray, that is just vile. Where is PDX copwatch on this? Is anyone else feeling like protesting at the precinct and honoring Daniel's action at Ungar?

I'm not surprised 30.Jan.2010 03:12


I'm jut not surprised.
Though I know in my heart of hearts this would never be true, with the comments I've seen, one specifically of a letter to a local news, though I know it was not meant quite the way it was worded, it is what I feared.
Two words... Security Culture.

Too much pepperspray laying around 30.Jan.2010 12:52

Joe Anybody

I hear you Vegan Cabal
Your analogy and comment was eloquently said

In fact I am reposting on my blog:

Portland copwatch meets first Monday of the month
I am attending the meeting and I'm sure it will be addressed in some fashion

The all to frequent PEPPER SPRAY fanaticism that is constantly used by the PPB is a direct result in this horrible (sic)accident. The PPB use the shit so much that their tripping over the cans of it. They cant even put out a fire due to having so much of that shit laying around.

Thanks for the insight and sharing your thoughts on this ...it is helpful

family 01.Feb.2010 12:20


If people here are saying that the father or the media shouldn't be so quick to judge based on little information that the local animal rights community influenced Shaull, they should likewise not be so quick to judge the father based on a news article. You really don't know anything about his family. Nearly every time I have had local knowledge about an event that got into the news, the article always had several inaccuracies, misstatements or omissions.

By the way - look around. Most of us have many friends whose siblings are entirely different than they are. Mental illness makes it doubly so.

J. Krisnamurti 04.Feb.2010 22:00

Vegan Cabal

has a fantastic quote about mental health, it goes "it's no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society". Humyn evolution is only exceptional in an ability for self-guidance and our decisions can threaten survival for all beings globally. The transition away from a diet that includes violence will reduce the violence overall in our society, a 44 billion dollar increase approved by your overlord Obama this year.

Politicians like Al Gore talk about reducing their meat intake, yet it's too risky to outright claim vegan while vying for a seat in a predatory capitalist government. Climate catastrophe lurks ahead for all the world's beings, why would we wait for a man to make a suicide liberation action by engulfing himself in flames, are there no easier indicators that incite change, not like Obama change I mean really changing the way we live and interact.

We might start saving animals and ourselves today, eradicating violence before even allowing it into our bodies and therefor our societies, making vegan known as the common sense answer to the extremely dire situation of humanity and every beautiful resident of this ideal planet.