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Cascadia to Caracas Report Back at Red n Black 1.24.10

Starts at 6:00 PM Sunday 1.24.10


.Video 1 introduction of delegation arriving at peace rally in Caracas
.Video 2 various scenes, bus, community council, media, protest march, street interviews
.Discussion on community councils and media in Venezuela
.Video 3 media in Caracas
.US intervention in Latin America discussion
.Video 4 Iraq Veterans speak on Telesur TV in Caracas
.Discussion on Military base buildup
.Video 5 Peace Rally in Caracas

Location: Red n Black Café
map:  http://tiny.cc/b8hBl

homepage:  http://www.pdxvenezuela.org
Cascadia to Caracas Report Back
Cascadia to Caracas Report Back
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