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Chicken Slaughter at Reed College this Sunday!!!

The Portland Animal Defense League was recently contacted about a teaching
event at Reed College this Sunday, the 24th. Apparently, several chickens
will be slaughtered without any kind of oversight by students with
absolutely no experience.

The course will be taught by Gabriel Holt
( gabriel.holt@gmail.com). Please contact him to express concerns over this
abhorrent event. Let him know that Portland is a city of animal advocates,
and that this kind brutality and ignorance will not be tolerated.
What follows is the original email and course description that ADL received:

Dear ADL,

Every year, Reed College has a one-week festival of learning,
known as Paideia. This year, a student named Gabriel Holt is putting on a
class where four live chickens will be slaughtered. I expressed my
concerns to Gabriel about the animals' welfare, and I am concerned that
inexperienced people killing chickens will lead to unnecessary pain and

However, after Gabriel confirmed that the chickens were going to be
slaughtered, he did not respond to my follow-up email, where I expressed
concerns about the animals' treatment. I don't know how these chickens
were obtained and if they can legally be killed, but I feel that it is
sickening that Reed students are taking part in the killing of live
animals. Please see below for more details about the situation; the
chickens will be slaughtered on Sunday, January 24th.

Sunday, January 24

11:00 am
Chokin' the Chicken
Gabriel Holt
11:00 am-3:00 pm, the Fridge
Hey meat eaters, come take responsibility for your diet: learn how to
properly slaughter, clean, and dress a chicken. And then grill and eat them!
We also have a coop with 4 feathery residents if you're interested in seeing
how to keep them alive as well.(x)

This event is being held at "The Fridge", an off-campus and informal "Reed House." The location of "The Fridge" is undisclosed to the public for this event as it is not actually on Reed's campus.

**Portland Animal Defense League**


homepage: homepage: http://www.pdxanimaldefense.org

Address 23.Jan.2010 12:10


The course Sunday is being held at the following address:

"The Fridge"
3908 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Portlaand, OR 97202

Sunday from 11 am - 3 pm.

Violation of City Code 23.Jan.2010 12:17


We also were informed of Multnomah County Regulation that restricts the number of animals (chickens) that can be kept at a facility without a permit. That number is limited to three chickens at once, unless a permit is applied for. Gabriel is holding four and it is likely he does not have a permit...


To Report Violations of City Code 23.Jan.2010 12:32


Phone Number Hotline: