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Why Congress Resembles Pro Wrestling

You almost have to wonder ... did the Dems throw the Massachusetts Senate race on purpose?
I've never been a registered Democrat, but I consider myself a progressive, so you'd think I'd be miffed at the Dems losing their filibuster-proof majority to the Massachusetts Senate race. Effectively, the people of Massachusetts spit on the grave of Ted Kennedy and, according to the mainstream press, destroyed any opportunity for health care reform to pass. This is all BS of course, they could pass it now if they wanted, but they won't because the Dems are just as corrupt as the Republicans, they just have to pretend a little more that they care about the downtrodden.

Do you get the feeling the Dems deliberately threw this fight? Why did Caroline Kennedy mysteriously drop her bid, for example? Am I wrong, or wouldn't she have been a shoe-in? Instead they ran a lady who didn't know the Red Sox from the Yankees, and was a "lazy campaigner." How convenient for the corporate-owned Democratic Senators that they now have a ready-made excuse for not passing a single progressive piece of legislation -- they don't have the 60% "majority" to override a Republican filibuster.

So why am I, a progressive, happy about this? Because it hastens the inevitable demise of the stinkingly corrupt Democratic Party. The sooner that moldy old tub sinks, the better! Too many good people have had their time, money and energy bled dry to elect Dems, only to have their hopes dashed that their reps will do anything to help the needy, or stop imperial wars. What those people should really be doing is focusing on election reform -- get the money out of elections and make it possible for other-party candidates to get elected! The two-party system is broken beyond repair! Down with the Dems! Down with the Republicans! Down with the *illusion* of democracy!

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