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Lessons From America's Lost Decade

"The fact that the United States has embraced "voodoo economics" for 30 years and refuses to recognize the statistical evidence of Reaganomics' abject failure suggests that the larger lesson of this era -- is that the U.S. political process is dysfunctional."
"Whoever controls the past controls the future." (George Orwell)

Crisis and chance are represented by the same Chinese letter. When R. Emanuel, T. Geitner, L. Summers and B. Bernanke define crisis and chance, we are in the perilous world of elite democracy, doublespeak and selective remembrance.

In a thought-provoking age, we have lost the ability to think. (M. Heidegger) and the ability to mourn and remember.
In a world of consumerism and one-dimensional vulgar materialism (E.Bloch), we have lost memory and hope, festivity and fantasy. (Harvey Cox).

Bush Jr and Clinton are not friends of Haiti but examples of rewriting history.

Roosevelt railed against "economic royalists," "banksters" and "moneychangers." We need an FDR, not a Boris Yeltzin!

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