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In Defense of RESPECT

In effort to improve our own lives it is important not to lose sight of the interconnectedness of people and all things.
I have noticed a sad trend among people on this board, like on talk radio, when talking about things like politics especially. People often feel very caught on the idea that they are right and others are wrong to the point they call people names and put them down, and talk as long as possible just to crowd out opposition. This is even taught as "debate". The unfortunate thing is this doesn't facilitate people having success in community. It doesn't help people to learn, or to understand each other, or to find the best solutions to things. It is necessary to talk and listen both, and to talk by way of reason and feeling both. When somebody disagrees with you, you can ask them why. If there is misunderstanding, you can rephrase your words in a new way to clarify, or ask others. Inferring others' viewpoints and calling them names doesn't help anybody! On a global scale this leads to war.