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Reclaim the World

We live in a time of contradictions. The peace prize offered up for perpetual war. Peace is seen as the necessary war. An economy destroys poor people because of a free-market banking system. The bailout is deemed necessary, while your local coffee shops get thousands of applications for employment. Strange words that mean little or nothing: Recession, Economy. So your family can get back to work. I see the houseless lineup on skid-row, all fresh faces for the bureaucracy of care. The stimulus plan is the work that we can do for ourselves in the underground. As the violence rises, can we save the world? Why not reclaim the world? Reclaim the buildings, houses, the vacant-lots. We can lock the banks out. Make the banks pay our rent. Re-occupy what they seek to refuse to you: your home, your life, you livelihood. Don't just let these things go! Don't just abandon foreclosures. Society does not have to waste away like an abandoned house. Hold strong to your foundation.
Create a sound foundation for your house. The banks will offer you money for you to vacate. They will tell you to get everything out. Then give you nothing in return. No money, no home, only bureaucracy. Stack you possessions high. Stand on your moral high ground. Re-claim established houses. Re-occupy then, hand your work down to the next group of people. Use and take care of your space. Take shifts and take care of each other. A vacant un-used space is dead like a tomb. We fight for life, banks fight for death.

In Port-au-Prince corpses are stacked high, blood flows in streams in the streets. I think of all the corpses that I have seen here in Portland. Disenfranchised people shot by the Portland Police. I stack the memory of those corpses high. Where did they reside? They lived on the streets. In New Orleans the people's starving pets were allowed to eat the dead floating down flooded, black-water streets. The U.S. and the U.N. threaten to spread aid. If Haiti was bad in the 70s, what of the Haitian streets today? This moment, this second, no food, no water, just the stench of corpses. The Haitian people will rise up, and shoot from behind their rotted roadblock. Shoot to kill the nice NGOs. Military Coup d'état with Aristide out, what shall the U.S. Military bring in?

There are iron bars under the bridges of Portland. Their purpose is to stop all comfort for refugees. The Portland Business Alliance will not take care of us. The banks or the Portland Development Commission will not take care of any of you. The Police, the U.N., they take care of themselves. We can liberate the underpasses. Take those iron bars out, and use them to strengthen unused houses. We can protect ourselves from all of them, like the strong Haitian People who take care of themselves, while being forced to wait for the spread of AID. Reuse what they take from us. With the world economy crash we are all left with nothing to loose. Take it back!

Reclaim your world with honor and respect.

Take Back The Land! 21.Jan.2010 00:43

Vegan Cabal


this movement is amazing!