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Any Martin Luther King Celebrations Going On?

Wondering if there were any celebrations for Martin Luther King Day going on around town on Mnday?
The only one I know of [which looks pretty good] is:

11 - 8 PM
Highland United Church of Christ, located at 76 and NE Glisan
(Goggle map link)  http://tiny.cc/D1qqM

(KBOO will be re-broad casted from the event)

(info on this event is from Human Rights Commission meeting)

homepage: homepage: http://home.comcast.net/~sittingbythepool/HEROMARTIN.html

VIDEO: Martin Luther King Holiday 2010 17.Jan.2010 16:27

Joe Anybody

A 2 minute Video out take from Human Rights Meeting regarding Martin Luther Kings Holiday and events on that day here in Portland