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who treats nature like a homeless woman?

who struggles for sustainability, and who for status quo?
Nature is like a homeless person

Greetings and thanks to each other as people, let us put our minds together. As the title of this blog suggests i want you to think about nature very differently than you are used to.

Instead of thinking of robins eggs and cristmas cactus flowers, think of the miles long blobs of plastic floating in the ocean. What lives there? Many of the same creatures that live in polluted, oil infested areas. They are dying of cancer, before modernization they never had cancer.

Think of nature as a pidgeon gnawing on a chicken leg sitting in a tossed out styrofoam container.

Think of nature as the starving pilgrims eating their dead.

Think of nature as a homeless, disabled woman. She's hurt and very few try to help her, the ones that do offer her social services that dont feel comfortable or natural.
She's confused because she knows what feels good, and this doesnt.

Nature's friends are traditional pigmies,homeless people, indians in brazil, and many others who's hearts arent set on progress.

She looks for seed planters, and people to pick up trash, she wants to be smiled at no matter how much her underwear is stained. She wants a fresh change, and a clean shower.

modern society looks at dirty old nature and then looks away. Those who take up her cause are vanguards, and like many vanguards throughout the ages they are ignored, censored, and faught (as a frequent blogger here i've even been censored!

That "discussion" in which i asked unanswered questions was met with hostility, and i was attacked. You cant find that exchange on this website. It has been censored, and now i'm being ignored.

Nature knows these feelings, each day she has less beautiful places to live, her friends are murdered. Then their possessions are stolen. Some of natures friends owned oceans, others mountaintops.

Even as you read this and are brought to tears, others read this and wish i'd shut up.

Nature knows what its like to be told to shut up. She has been shut out, and is now starting to shut down.
Society as we know it will last a few more years. Then we will feel what homeless people know, the real struggle for survival.

Its nothing new, this has happened again and again. We are just lucky enough to be around for it to happen again.

In the 12th century europe was disgusting. People deficated into streams that went by every home. I really dont think they were bright. Imagine seeing a sewer where you see a sidewalk because infrastructure cant catch up, and the people responsible care more about shoppers at the new macy's than little old ladies walking on burnside.

Nature's cousin, justice, is blind. She had her eyes covered by a rich person. A lot of people are calling for the blindfold to be removed.

There arent enough people who care about homeless people, or nature.

Im often homeless, but tend to live in vacant mansions or secret cabins in the woods. When i have been unlucky enough to sleep outside churches their "owners" yell at me to leave. Nature has no where to go, her trees were chopped down to make way for those churches.

Lastly, in thinking about nature as a homeless woman, think about giving her a place to live. Not to live as you would,but as she would like to.
Everyone can give nature a home, but it means that we should stop making our focus merely ourselves.
In order for us to make nature feel at home, we need to think more like homeless people. We really dont have a home other than the one we are borrowing (stolen) from her and we have no idea where it is heading at 260,000 miles per second.

All of our actions should have the intention of making our world more peaceful, instead of sustaining the forces that are destroying us.

Good piece 20.Jan.2010 20:28

humble nobody

This reaches the soul. We will be spending much time contemplating what is wrong with us that we destroy the earth we live on. We are the most insane animal to ever walk the earth, the only one which delights in suffering. Even cats merely play with their prey to test its aggressiveness. We not only delight in suffering, we delight in making our own selves suffer. What sort of soul sickness ravages humanity to bring devastation like this? What the fuck is wrong with us?!?

so why not 20.Jan.2010 22:18


...so why not bring nature and the homeless woman together? kinda. i mean, build little tiny cheap cabins on a piece of acreage that has a zoning variance for that purpose. each with a woodstove, and volunteers that are strong cut wood for them each month. etc. all arranged in a little village circle of dozens or a hundred. with a composting toilet or ...?

how about younger people who can rough it a little better, building those nature huts with round river rocks and stuff. on a piece of property where someone allows it. low tech. mother earth news articles.
and people respecting nature around them.

this is what your article made me think of.

nature+humans =survival 22.Jan.2010 15:45


Links on how to learn from the animals and build a survival hut to stay warm and dry in the woods. Using sticks, available nature materials and debris. And lots more survival topics.