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PRO-CHOICE Rally at Pioneer Square Jan. 17th (tomoorow)!

Pro-choice rally in dt Portland tomorrow - take a stand! Defend reproductive Rights in Portland! Jan. 17th 1:30-3:30pm
There will be a PRO-CHOICE rally tomorrow (Jan. 17th) to counter bus-loads of right-wing christian lunatics in Pioneer Square down town. Last year, (anti-abortion terrorists) Oregon Right to Life bussed in over 7000 brain-washed followers from all over the state. Tomorrow, they're having their 2nd annual "memorial" rally, which is really a war on women & a war on adequate health care. Many of these fanatics are the SAME tea-baggers that bullied & shouted down health care town hall meetings last year. They are the same fanatics who support Prop 8-type measures as well as the oppression of queers/trans-genders in other countries such as Uganda!
Show up at 1:30pm tomorrow, brings signs & LOTS of energy!

Sponsoring: Radical Women, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, Gender Free For All, & independent feminist activists.