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TAX THE RICH public meeting

Tax the Rich! The Socialist Case for Measure 66 & 67
Thursday, January 14th at 7pm
Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Union Room 294
In order to make a dent in Oregon's $4 billion budget shortfall, the 2009 Oregon legislature passed Measures 66 and 67 to raise $733 million in new revenue from corporations and high-income Oregonians. Measure 66 slightly raises taxes on the top 3% of wealth earners in Oregon and exempts 270,000 unemployed Oregonians from taxes on their first $2,400 in unemployment benefits. Measure 67 raises the corporate minimum tax in Oregon, that has been on the books since 1931, from $10 to $150. It also raises taxes on corporations that rake-in more than $250,000 in yearly income. But Oregon's capitalists refuse to tolerate any minor increases in taxes on their wealth. They banned together with the anti-tax tea baggers and managed to get enough signatures to put Measures 66 and 67 on a special election ballot at the end of January. Come discuss these tax measures with the International Socialist Organization and hear the socialist case for voting "Yes" on bot 66 and 67.

For more information email  pdxiso@gmail.com
or visit www.portlandsocialists.org

Voting Yes! 13.Jan.2010 09:28


already voting yes on both & encouraging you all to do so too...enough tax breaks for the wealthy!

a related commentary 14.Jan.2010 11:47

Lawrence Maushard

A related commentary from a few days ago:


just keeping up with inflation 14.Jan.2010 12:39


In 2008, $10.00 from 1931 is worth:

$141.37 using the Consumer Price Index

i'm not a socialist 15.Jan.2010 14:06


but i did vote for both measures already. they should fine tune measure 67 though,in salem, for those fledgling corporations that had GROSS RECEIPTS of less than 50,000 or 100,000. otherwise they are minimum-taxing people who didn't make much of a living in their first couple years etc. those people need encouragement to do business, not discouragements. IF YOU MADE GROSS RECEIPTS OF 50,000, PAID 40,000 FOR YOUR COSTS OF DOING BUSINESS, BUT THEN ONLY PAID YOURSELF $10,000 FOR THE YEAR, WELL, THAT $150 IS GOING TO HURT A LITTLE. IT SHOULD STAY AT $10 OR EVEN $20, FOR THEM.