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Protest The Use Of Full Body Scanners! (and other hyper "security" measures)

Say No To The Use of Invasive Full Body Scanners!
Fight the racial profiling of targeting certain "terrorist-prone countries"!
Resist the fearmongering and hysteria!
full body scanners
full body scanners
We've all heard alot of talk lately about "heightening security" at
the airports. Well just want to say the members of Movement for a Democratic Society
(MDS-SI-NYC) in coalition with other outraged activists, both locally
and nationally, aren't having it.


The use of full body scanners is as invasive to our privacy as it is
degrading to our dignity.
Targeting "terrorist prone counties" amounts to nothing less than
racial profiling.
We aren't moved by pleas for increased security from "terrorists".
We can't be convinced that even more abuses to our privacy rights are
needed for anyones safety.
We won't be bullied by government or media hysteria -- No matter how
ratcheted up the fearmongering gets or how overheated the propaganda
We plan to make our voices heard,
and we'd like you to join in this campaign if you agree.

The government violates privacy rights and makes people jump thru'
hoops enough under the pretext of security. But the right to privacy
is an inalienable human right. And our determination to protect that
human right from increasing intrusions is unshakeable.
We not only refuse to subject ourselves to full body scans, we reject
their use altogether.
On any person, from any country, at any time!

THEY SAY, extra security screening of people from "terrorist prone
countries" will make everyone safer.
WE SAY, it's racist, and can't be allowed to stand. Not in our name.
THEY SAY, head-to-toe x-raying of the entire body, adults and children
alike, is "simply precautionary", "safeguarded", and "for our own
WE SAY, we'd rather be blown to bits than to live in a world where
racial profiling was the norm, and dehumanizing violations of our right
to privacy, accepted.

Full body scans are nothing less than virtual strip searches.
All human beings have a right to be secure in their person, and no
amount of fearmongering should be able to strip that right away!


Send us an email at  movementforademocraticsociety@gmail.com
for more information on how you can participate, help plan and organize
protests now.

If you'd like to engage in discussion, join the Google Group, "ScanThis", at
Our protest group is as yet unnamed, but our discussions begin immediately.

And look for our low volume Riseup list when it becomes active to receive
digest updates
and action announcements.

the mere act of flying exposes 13.Jan.2010 11:16


you to a lot of radiation too. That's one of the reasons that some pregnant women are not supposed to fly.