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Help Stop Coyote Killing Derby in SE Oregon

Our friend Brooks Fahy from Predator Defense has alerted us to this awful event. Please read below, to see how you can respond, and what you can do to try to stop this killing. Here is a letter from Brooks. Below that, a message from the people organizing the killing and giving out "varmit rifles" and etc. It's really gross. But thankfully, it comes complete with their contact information, so you can write to them to explain that coyotes are living beings who do not deserve to be terrorized and murdered. I know... it's a long shot. But please start by reading Brooks' message below, as he has other ideas on how to respond as well.
Coyote Killing Derby in SE Oregon is set to Begin on January 16.
Help Stop This Slaughter!

A four-county killing derby will run January 16 -17 in Lake, Malheur,
Harney, and Klamath counties, headquartered in Silver Lake, Oregon.
Coyotes killed will be counted by showing the severed ears. The 2-man
teams killing the most coyotes will get prizes of rifles, scopes and
binoculars. The entry fee is $50 each and proceeds will go to a charity,
most likely having to do with children with cancer" in memory of an
"avid coyote hunter."

While the aim of benefiting children with cancer is laudable, the means
is outrageous. There are many other ways to honor a friend and raise
money for charity.

Please contact the organizers of this event and explain why you object
to this misguided and brutal killing. PLEASE BE CIVIL.

An open invitation to this killing spree is on the website immediately

Please immediately contact the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission and
the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife with your concerns and be
sure to include both agencies in your message. Be polite, but direct and
clear about why randomly killing predators is not acceptable ethically,
scientifically or practically. The Commission has decision-making power
and oversees the ODFW.

Phone for Commission and ODFW:
(503) 947-6000 | Toll Free: (800) 720-ODFW | TTY: (503) 947-6339

Email:  odfw.commission@state.or.us <mailto: odfw.commission@state.or.us>

E-mail:  odfw.info@state.or.us <mailto: odfw.info@state.or.us>


> Coyotes are the most persecuted predator in North America.

> Coyotes are intelligent, social animals that are a vital part of a
diverse ecosystem. They show altruistic behavior among their pack-mates
and are intensely courageous and loyal, qualities much admired in humans.

> Indiscriminate killing of coyotes creates a niche where new coyotes
move in and repopulate an area that has been "sterilized" of coyotes.

> A large body of evidence has shown that coyotes under stress produce
bigger litters, so that "control" can actually lead to increased coyote

> Disease, birthing problems, weather, and forage quality cause far and
away the greatest livestock losses.

> Coyotes are routinely scapegoats for killing when in fact they are
only scavenging carcasses.

> Coyotes will eat anything, but mostly they subsist on rodents and
rabbits, thereby helping to control those populations.

> Research at the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge in South
Central Oregon have shown that pronghorn antelope populations have
increased to record numbers over the last forty years without lethal
predator control.

> Coyotes are only one of many factors that govern ungulate
populations. Others are weather, available grazing, competition from
livestock, degradation of environments by livestock, loss of cover for
concealment and shelter of the newborn (caused by overgrazing), ATV use,
hunting pressure, disease, and road kill.

> The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, hunting and agricultural
groups ignore science to placate their constituents.

> Coyotes have little if any legal protection throughout the United

More information about coyotes is available on our website at:

Brooks Fahy
Executive Director
Predator Defense
PO Box 5446
Eugene, OR 97405
Office (541) 937-4261
Mobile (541) 520-6003


Dear Activist,
Just in case the hunt organizers take down their contact information,
see below.
Brooks Fahy
Executive Director
Predator Defense
PO Box 5446
Eugene, OR 97405
Office (541) 937-4261
Mobile (541) 520-6003

Coyote Derby 16 17 January 2010
< http://www.biggamehunt.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=23746#p109388>

< http://www.biggamehunt.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=109388#p109388>by
*Death Before Dismount
< http://www.biggamehunt.net/forums/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=15176>*
Sun Oct 04, 2009 2:37 pm

My wife and I are hosting a coyote derby In honor of Jess Torgersen,
January 16 and 17 2010. The open area is all of S.E. Oregon. Two man
teams can hunt anywhere in Klamath, Lake, Harney and Malhuer counties.
The final head count and prize ceremony will be conducted at 4:00 PM PST
in Silver Lake, Oregon. Most dead coyotes (just bring in sets of ears)
wins. Prizes will be 1 Varmit rifle per team member of 1st place team
(TBD caliber and make and model), 1 spoting scope or rifle scope or pair
of bino's per member of 2nd and 3rd place teams. Entry fee is $50.00 per
man, or $100.00 per team. All state laws and regulations must be
followed by all participants and permission of landowners must be
obtained prior to hunting on private lands. Any participant that
conducts themselves unlawfully or unethically will render their team
disqualified. This derby is in honor of Jess Torgersen, he passed away
this summer of brain cancer. He was an avid coyote hunter and buckaroo'd
on most of the big outfits in S.E. Oregon. All proceeds will be donated
to charity. Most likely having to do with children with cancer as Jess
found strenght in fighting his disease by helping children overcome
their fears of the treatment. Check back with this post as more info
will be available in the comming months. Please call with questions or
Thank you.
Jamie Roscoe (541)410- 7548,  jamie.j.roscoe@us.army.mil
<mailto: jamie.j.roscoe@us.army.mil>
Angel Roscoe (541) 306-9898

homepage: homepage: http://www.predatordefense.org

An awesome letter 12.Jan.2010 08:34


This letter was fwded to me. It is an excellent example of the kind of science-based refutation that the ODFW should have considered before ever encouraging things like this.

Dear Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Oregon Fish and Wildlife

As a former resident of Oregon and a wildlife biologist, I was very
dismayed to hear of the coyote killing derby scheduled for next weekend
in eastern Oregon. I hope you will stop this shameful event, which is a
terrible mark against the state and against hunting.

As you surely know, because numerous studies by now have documented the
demographic response of coyotes to human exploitation: coyote killing
like this will only result in a swift rebound and probable increase in
the number of coyotes in the area. The proportion of the population that
is young and more inclined to kill livestock will increase. The derby
may therefore actually precipitate or intensify livestock/coyote
conflicts in the area.

In addition to the lack of any scientific basis for the coyote hunt, the
prospect of mass, indiscriminate killing of animals is viewed with
revulsion by most members of the public. The exchange of prizes and
money for coyote ears harkens back to an era of wanton destruction and
vicious disregard for other creatures that most people believe we should
have long ago left behind. It is cases like this that energize
anti-hunting groups and drive campaigns to abolish hunting generally. I
cannot see where your department stands to benefit in any way from
allowing this event to occur.

Please take a stand and stop the coyote derby. It has no basis in
biological science nor wise public administration.


[name redacted]

knock knock 13.Jan.2010 23:22

who's there

Can anyone verify whether or not this is Jamie Roscoe's address?:

21255 Young Ave Bnd
Silver Lake, OR