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NE Portland families organize against Clearwire cell tower

Neighbors in Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood are organizing to oppose a Clearwire cell tower in the middle of a totally residential area. Everyone is invited to attend a community meeting this Wednesday. These towers are going in all over the city.
NE Portland families organize against Clearwire cell tower on Fremont and 37th
Clearwire calls community meeting this Wednesday at 6:30pm

Portland, OR--Respect PDX is a group of Beaumont Wilshire residents who organized to oppose a Clearwire cell tower in the parking lot of Wilshire Market on NE 37th and Fremont. Members of the group plan to make their case at a community meeting this Wednesday, January 13th.

On December 31, Clearwire notified residents within 400 feet of the Wilshire Market of a community meeting to discuss the proposed installation of multiple WiMax antennas on a utility pole and an equipment box on the store's property. Community meetings are part of a required application process for cell tower installations, instituted by the city of Portland in late 2008.

Respect PDX opposes this sixty foot cell tower in a completely residential, low priority location because it is:

Loud. The equipment cabinets that are next to the towers emit almost constant noise. Clearwire has been slow to correct other problem installations in Portland neighborhoods.

Unhealthy. Even the FCC, which licenses cell towers, admits they have not been proven
to be safe. This installation is a short distance from surrounding homes. Many of the homes are owned by families with small children.

Ugly. Sixty foot tall towers are eyesores and lower property values. Other cities have found much less intrusive ways to deliver good cell coverage.

Colin O'Neill, the father of two small children, lives on Milton Street just behind the store. "This meeting is important to Beaumont Wilshire neighbors, but it is also an example for the rest of the city, " O'Neill said. "We want to ensure that our voice is heard. If the cell companies insist on bringing their technology into residential neighborhoods, they need to act like neighbors—respectfully and responsibly."

Clearwire has launched a major WiMax service roll out in Portland. More and more of these towers are proposed in neighborhoods all over the city. Respect PDX intends to guarantee that citizens' concerns are heeded in this process.

Wednesday January 13 6:30pm
Beaumont Middle School
4043 NE Fremont
Respect PDX representatives will be available for media interviews at 6:20pm outside the meeting room in Beaumont Middle School.

For more information go to www.RespectPDX.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.respectpdx.org

when we use cell phones... 14.Jan.2010 00:35

I'm guilty too.

it's hard to complain about the towers.

using cell phones causes terrible damage to your brain and body cells! 15.Jan.2010 13:56


just check out the article, with videos, via the link below. From Dr Mercola's very good natural and alternative health info site. cell phones and the related transmissions, are very destructive to the human body, even the "safe" phones!

charts from  MERCOLA.COM:
charts from MERCOLA.COM:

I do limit use of the cell phone, and 17.Jan.2010 20:25


it seems commonsensical that these are not good things to ask the body to deal with...but I'd take everything on Mercola's site with an ocean of salt. He's also super pro-meat, dairy, eggs, and comes at a lot of his proscriptions with a very nonscientific (as well as noncompassionate, in the case of animals) mind-set.