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Setting The Record Straight Calander of January Events

A list of STRS events planned for January. Promoting understandings of privilege and decolonization!
January event listing
January event listing
Setting the Record Straight is a group focusing on anti-colonial struggles, deconstructing white and settler privilege, and the impulse for justice for indigenous peoples in past and present revolutionary theory and action. We meet often to watch relevant films, read excerpts from books, and discuss the roles of our diverse communities and ourselves as individuals in achieving a lasting and true justice for all peoples in our area and around the world.

Setting the Record Straight is currently an exclusively educational project. Without formalized consent and direction from local indigenous groups and authorities, it would be inappropriate for us to take action on behalf of these groups.

To join our email list, email  strs.pdx@gmail.com and indicate that you want to receive updates about news, projects and events.


The first two events listed on Monday Jan 11th and Sunday Jan 17th will be located at:

The Piedmont Deli, 441 N. Killingsworth, across the street from the North Portland Library.
 link to maps.google.com

The locations for the remaining events will be posted as soon as we have this information confirmed.

Monday Jan 25th event changed 15.Jan.2010 16:24


Because the workshop on whiteness, white privilege and settler privilege didn't get completely finished on the 11th, the event on Monday Jan 25th has been altered. Now it will be a part 2 of the previous workshop and continued discussion on how white people can help dismantle the institution of whiteness. The workshop on cultural appropriation has been moved to next month.

Location for all Jan Events 15.Jan.2010 16:46


Also the location for all of our January events has been confirmed as the The Piedmont Deli, 441 N. Killingsworth, across the street from the North Portland Library.
It is rather likely that all or most of next months events will be happening there as well.