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Carl Gibbs Environmental Excellence Award Presented to Robina Suwol & CA Safe School

The Award is a symbol of commitment to California's environment and was established in memory of Carl Gibbs.

On January 5, 2010, the Calabasas Environmental Commission presented the 2009 Carl Gibbs Environmental Excellence Award to Robina Suwol, Founder and Executive Director of California Safe Schools(CSS).

CSS is a nationally celebrated children's environmental health and environmental justice non-profit coalition of more than fifty organizations located in Southern California committed to the health and safety of children, staff and community members who reside near school sites and is internationally recognized for spearheading the most stringent pesticide policy in the nation at Los Angeles Unified School District (2nd largest in the nation).

This policy called Integrated Pest Management Policy (IPM), uses low risk methods to eliminate pest and weeds. The policy was the first in the United States to embrace the Precautionary Principle and Parents Right to Know about pesticides used on school campuses. Today it has become the model for school districts and communities internationally.

On October6, 2005, Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 405 (Montanez) sponsored by California Safe Schools. This law closes a loophole protecting more than 6 million California K-12 public school students, and hundreds of thousands of teachers and school employees from exposure to experimental pesticides whose health effects are unknown. Ms. Suwol gives frequent presentations on safety to parents, officials & legislators.

The Carl Gibbs Environmental Excellence Award is a symbol of commitment to California's environment. It was established in memory of former Environmental Commissioner, Carl Gibbs. Gibbs was one of the founders of Calabasas and served on the Environmental Committee and then on the Environmental Commission for 15 years. He was an advocate for protecting the environment and preserving Calabasas' open space.

This award is a symbol of commitment for environmental stewardship and honors those who work to benefit our environment. The award honors a wide array of individuals, businesses, municipalities, government agencies, organizations, institutions, all working to benefit our environment.

The Award recognizes voluntary activities by companies and organizations, big or small, private or non-profit, in or work done in the City of Calabasas and in California, that result in cleaner air or water, less waste, less traffic, conservation of energy and natural resources, efficient and water conserving landscaping, and reduced use of hazardous materials.

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